Feckless President Joe Biden only had one job during his State of the Union Speech – to convince people he didn’t suck as bad as everyone thinks.

Epic fail.


For a president with the second lowest approval rate on record, you would think that it wouldn’t be that difficult to pick up a little momentum but his speechwriters obviously are as delusional as he is and continue to try to sell democrat fiction.

When you give a speech that is devoid of facts and reality, you can’t really expect the American people to support you.

The only reason old Joe is still president at this point is that the democrats prefer the puppet president to Obama-installed VP Harris.

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Senator Mitch McConnell wasn’t too impressed with Biden’s SOTU speech. He tweeted “President Biden ignored that his agenda has completely flopped for American families: Raging inflation, open borders, crime…”

Texas REP Chip Roy definitely wasn’t buying what Biden was selling. He tweeted “Don’t preach to me about unity Joe Biden after you used the power of government to force Americans to take a needle or get fired, after you accused Border Patrol agents of whipping Haitians; after you shut down American energy – harming us and empowering Putin…”

But it wasn’t just republicans who thought Joe didn’t deliver anything but a bologna sandwich with no fries. And no bologna.

Leftist Cenk Uygur wasn’t happy with Biden either. He tweeted “Biden’s SOTU speech on domestic policy is totally full of crap. He didn’t fight for any of the things he claims are ‘his agenda.” But on $15 minimum wage, it’s an outright lie. He had the Delaware Senators vote AGAINST it. Media should do their job and call out his BS.”

And the radical Black Lives Matter wasn’t very delighted when Biden called for the funding of police. They tweeted a photo of democrat REP Maxine Waters looking disgruntled when it got to that part of Biden’s speech.

Leftist Rashida Tlaib even gave her own “response” to Biden’s speech even though she’s supposed to be a democrat. She was speaking for the Working Families Party who obviously thought Biden didn’t give the speech that needed to be given.

Of course, AOC had to sound off as well. She called Biden’s speech a “lost opportunity” where he should have talked about the crazy radical plans of getting rid of fossil fuel, handing out free money for colleges and giving a path to citizenship to all of the illegal aliens that the democrats have been welcoming into the country.

Tweeter “America 1st” (who only has about 245 followers) had a great tweet that summed up the SOTU speech and the actual STATE of the union – which is a weak America. 

He said “Putin just watched Joe Biden’s SOTU speech and has determined it is safe to invade the rest of Europe…”