Leave it to the republicans to help the democrats destroy the economy – and the country. They’re never on board with stopping the democrats from tanking our economy or furthering their fascist agenda. They never see the importance of standing up for Americans and America or see the danger the democrats are to the country.

Neither the House nor the Senate had the time to read the 2700 page Omnibus spending bill which was released about 2 am on Wednesday morning. But that didn’t stop a bunch of idiots in the House and Senate from passing a massive spending bill in the middle of a huge economic downturn with inflation the highest it’s been in 40 years.

This is what happens in the dark of night when all eyes are on the Ukraine Russia war. It is to be expected that democrats will do things while the American people are distracted.

It’s the time when democrats don’t let a crisis go to waste and they sneak as much stuff past the American people as they can – with the help of the RINO republicans.

The bill passed 68-31.

What’s in the bill? Money for border security (not ours)…Increased funding for climate change BS and lots of earmarks for all of them…Money  to benefit Venezuela and Russia…Money to communist Cuba too…Subsidies for green energy and climate policies…gender studies in Pakistan…money for global climate activism…A democrat wish list.

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All under the dark of night with no time for public debate – or even knowledge that it was happening.

The Heritage Foundation pointed out several reasons that the bill is a mistake including irresponsible and inflationary spending, continuing the COVID-19 emergency, thousands of earmarks, IRS spending and more.

The marketing ploy was to tell everyone that the bill includes “aid” for Ukraine and it was passed to avoid a government shutdown. 

I welcome a government shut down. For years.

The fact that we’re in the middle of economic turmoil doesn’t phase the democrats (or the RINOS) at all. They will continue to spend us into oblivion. Where there is bipartisanship, America always loses.