Anti-science and freedom killing radical democrats all over the country continue to impose their draconian vaccine mandates on workers and fire them from their jobs. 

It doesn’t matter if these needed workers have been on the job for 30 years as firefighters, police officers, teachers, city workers or anything else. They must comply.

But their elitist millionaire entertainment friends who donate to their campaigns, not so much.

New democrat NYC Mayor Eric Adams has carved out a vaccine exemption for NYC athletes and performers. Isn’t that nice? 

Especially nice after Mets Owner Steve Cohen gave Adams’ campaign $1.5 million when he was running to be Mayor. 

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence though.

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As you probably know, New Yorkers have seen an uptick in crime because of democrat policies like the vaccine mandates but the Mayor is only concerned with sports stars and musicians keeping their jobs. Not about getting more police on the streets. 

The athletes are the important ones that must be able to live their lives. They are the essential workers.

And Mr. anti-science, Anthony Fauci, has nothing to say about the whole thing, of course. The man who has been on the TV for years ordering everyone to do this or that all of a sudden has no comment on this vaccine mandate issue.

The cowardly lion has to stick with his democrat buds and he has to have their back. Therefore, Fauci had this to say, “I’m not there on the ground in New York. I don’t have a good feel for what the situation is….”

He said he doesn’t want to take sides.

That certainly hasn’t been his stance in the past.

He’s had plenty to say about what everyone should and shouldn’t be doing and was pretty vocal that Trump’s unveiling of Amy Coney Barrett to be his Supreme Court nominee was a “superspreader event.”

Ever since Trump put Fauci in front of the public back in 2020, Tony hasn’t been able to shut his mouth about what we should all be doing. Don’t wear masks, wear masks, double mask, get the vaccines, get two vaccines, get nine vaccines…

He has an opinion on everything and it’s usually partisan – and wrong.

Adams doesn’t appear to be any more scientific or pragmatic than Fauci or the rest of the democrats. He does what’s best for his political career and the democrat party.