There are currently 195 countries on the planet according to And 30 of them are in NATO. 

Therefore, Russia and China and North Korea and Iran are free to invade 165 countries – and the NATO clan won’t do thing one about it.

From the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I’ve been calling out weak (mostly male) leaders in the Western World who won’t do the right thing and protect innocent people from a homicidal maniac. A genocide. A war that has been targeting civilians from the beginning.

Whether America admits it or not, we’re in the war already. We’re just not fighting it. And Putin couldn’t be happier.

Instead of fighting Russia at the beginning of the war when victory would be easier, the NATO gang is going to sit on their hands and wait until thousands and thousands of lives are lost – or until the public shames them into doing something. 

Sure, the Ukraine government appears to be corrupt and a lot of conservatives are pushing a narrative of how we can’t believe anyone about what’s going on, even Ukraine. 

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But why should decisions about saving people depend on how wonderful a government is? Or if they tell the truth about what’s going on while they’re in the middle of fighting for their lives?

Our own government sucks and is corrupt. Does that mean we are not worthy of saving if attacked? Does that mean the Ukrainians should be left to be sitting ducks to genocide?

I have an analogy and it’s not perfect but here goes…

Let’s say that Canada decides to invade Michigan. We have our own limited means of protection through the National Guard in our state but we’re not getting any help from the border states of Indiana or Ohio because we’re not in SMTO (South of Michigan Treaty Organization), they aren’t being directly threatened and they don’t want to piss off Canada. 

So every day, those states (and the other 47) watch us being slaughtered live-streamed on TV. 

At what point does Indiana and Ohio – or the other 47 states – actually do something to save Michiganders from being killed?

At what point does the western world do the right thing and help Ukraine? I’m no warmonger but we’ve fought enemies and fought wars for much less. 

What if Putin brings in gas chambers into Ukrainian cities and we see video of women and children and the elderly being marched into those gas chambers? Would the world respond at that point? And why is that worse than Putin purposely bombing hospitals, elderly care homes, apartment buildings and schools?

This isn’t just about Russia and Ukraine. It’s about what the western world will allow. And it’s allowing quite a lot.

The rest of the other tyrants in the world see what’s going on and are taking notes.

The western world has decided to stand by and let an entire country be destroyed because they’re not part of their “in” group called NATO.

If a tyrant with nukes can do whatever he wants because he has nukes than a tyrant with nukes will do whatever he wants.

Of those 165 countries currently available for the taking, Australia looks like a nice place to invade and occupy – they earn about $19 trillion from mining. And who doesn’t need a little timber, copper, oil shale, coal and iron ore… not to mention uranium and gold? 

Brazil has quite a bit of gold, uranium and oil. And India has limestone, titanium ore – and diamonds too!

There are certainly a lot of resources ready for plucking for any tyrant who wants to threaten nuclear war if they don’t get their way.

The democrat foreign policy strategy of doing nothing has never produced a good result for our country – or any other country. Their foreign policy history is as dismal as it comes. And when they DO actually fight, they don’t go all in for victory. 

We are at that moment in history again where we have only weakness. No strength and no leadership. It will end up being detrimental for our country as well as others.

And I don’t hold out any hope that dementia Joe has any clandestine secret missions being planned right now.

VP Harris just gave a speech last week in Poland about how unified everyone in NATO is. 

That’s for sure. Unified to do nothing to actually stop Putin from killing the people in Ukraine. That’s pretty clear.