Biden’s habitual lyin’ Press Secretary Jen Psaki seriously needs to resign. 

Lying about Biden policies every day is bad enough but when you make fun of those who are reporting the crime wave in America and you deny that it’s happening, your time pretending to be a serious Press Secretary has expired.

Psaki was on a erroneously named “Save America” podcast  (ran by former aides to President Obama) last week and was whining about Fox News and their truthful coverage of the increase of crime all over the country.

She laughed and pointed out that while MSNBC and CNN are focused on Russia and Ukraine “On Fox is Jeanine Pirro talking about soft-on-crime consequences, I mean, what does that even mean?”

She continued to say, “There’s an alternate universe on some coverage. What’s scary about it is a lot of people watch that.”

Yes, Jen Psaki DEFINITELY lives in that alternate universe where facts don’t matter but she is not as clueless as she pretends. She’s just a liar and a propaganda-spreader. 

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She knows that at least 16 major cities across the country broke a homicide record in 2021. She knows it’s because of democrat policies, horrible democrat prosecutors and the anti-cop Defund the Police movement that has led to the American crime wave. 

If criminals are even arrested these days in democrat-run cities and counties, they are very often let go without cash bail and many are not even prosecuted by the leftist Soros-funded prosecutors around the country.

Jen knows what the CONSEQUENCES are of all of this. Many times, it’s death.

And I’m sure she sees the funerals of the police officers killed by criminals going on every day lately.

No one even knew what the phrase “smash and grab” even meant before the democrats came along with their Defund the Police pro-criminal policies.

Psaki is not any different than Baghdad Bob who used to report on what was going on in Iraq during the 2003 invasion. He would stand there and tell everyone that there were no American forces in Baghdad when they were a few hundred meters away from him and you could hear combat sounds in the background. Every day it was a new lie coming from his mouth.

And the reporters on fake news media CNN stepped up in their role of Baghdad Bob to cover for the democrat’s propaganda when they  reported that the Antifa BLM riots were “mostly peaceful” while standing in front of buildings that were on fire.

Democrats and their fake news media friends lie. It’s what they do.

Consequences, Jen?

How about the 10-year-old kid who isn’t getting much justice after a 26-year-old convicted sex offender and transsexual choked and assaulted them? 

Your friend, George Soros, and his funding of George Gascon got that to happen. 

Congrats. Too bad people are finding out how truly disgusting the democrat party is. 

Is that enough consequences for you, Jen? Consequences in the form of assaulted and dead people are all over the country.

But Jen will keep spinning things since the democrats mouths and policies have led to the crime wave.

Unfortunately for Jen, President Disaster and the democrat party, there are plenty of consequences all over the country because of their radical policies – and that will seal their fate in the upcoming elections.