Who would have thought that the truck drivers would lead us?

And who would have thought that Canada would show us the way out of tyranny and how to get into the light of freedom?

With truckers in Canada taking a stand against the insane tyranny of vaccine mandates if they needed to cross the border to and from the United States, they have let Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden know that it’s NOT going to happen. They’ve had enough.

The truckers are protesting and there are festival-like scenes in Ottawa of barbecue grills, bouncy houses, gas cans (the folks are bringing them gas), music, stuffed animals, flags, and signs. What’s really going on can be seen from those in the news media who are actually covering the events truthfully. 

Not surprisingly, Trudeau and other leftists in Canada (and in America) are painting the truckers as terrorists, insurrectionists, racists, nazis and people involved in an “occupation”

Hm…. what did the left say about the Seattle CHOP/CHAZ autonomous zone that was filled with rape, violence and murder – oh yeah – it was a “summer of love.”

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And unlike the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, which the democrats totally supported and did nothing about, the Department of Homeland Security has sent out an alert that truckers in the United States could (gulp!) disrupt the much anticipated (LOL) State of the Union speech – or the Super Bowl!!!!

Oh no! Not the Super Bown! Shut it down! Shut it down now!

We can’t have convoys of trucks wanting freedom in the United States!!

Meanwhile in Canada…In support of the truckers who are protesting, the tow truck drivers who have contracts with the Canadian government, have refused to tow away the trucks.

One guy interviewed on Fox News took the tires off his truck. He’s in it for the long haul (sorry about the bad pun) and is willing to stay for a year if necessary.

Protester John Vanreeuwyk told Voice of America “We’ve got guys here – they’ve lost everything due to these mandates, and they’re not giving up, and they’re willing to stand their ground and keep going until this is done. Until Trudeau moves, we don’t move.” 

The protest has also led to the shut down of the Ambassador Bridge, the bridge between Canada and Detroit.

The White House is worried that the blockade at the bridge will have an effect on auto production and agriculture exports – but they certainly don’t care if their vaccine mandates will do the same.

They are right to be concerned though. 

Because of the truck blockade and parts not getting in, auto plants have shut down at Ford, General Motors and Toyota.

Money talks so it’s possible that the democrat friends in the unionized auto plants might force Trudeau and Biden to cave to the trucker demands. And soon.

But never fear – Press Secretary Jen Psaki says they’re in close touch with democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer. I’m sure that will solve the problem (insert sarcasm here).

The trucker blockade is push back against their elitist tyrannical leader and others around the globe who have decided to rule over us, using the pandemic as an excuse to do so.

And we’ve had enough.

Students are serving schools with lawsuits and refusing to wear masks in their schools. 

Conservatives are leaving leftist social media platforms and finding other ways to communicate on and other fundraising platforms to use. 

People have had enough of the democrat lies and pandemic BS. 

Enough of the censorship. 

Enough of the purposeful destruction of our country, capitalism and freedom. 

Enough of the democrats calling us terrorists because we call out their tyranny and lies.

We take the promise of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to heart.

The government doesn’t have our consent to do what they are doing.

We’ve had enough and the democrats will finally figure that out on November 8th when they get voted out of office.