The Biden Harris administration is the most totalitarian radical American government oppressors of our time. Maybe all times.

Obama has aways aspired to be as tyrannical as the Biden administration currently is but he had to appear as a nice guy so he had to do things on the sly. 

However, since he was not able to totally destroy the country in the manner that he planned, Obama spied on conservatives and manufactured the Russiagate Trump story. He also set up an election apparatus to be able to cheat where he needed to in order to install Biden as the puppet president.

Now, as the puppetmaster, the behind-the-scenes guy with all of his past administration officials running the White House, things are going exactly as Obama planned and he couldn’t be happier.

Is he doing it for “revenge” against a country that doesn’t fall in line with his racial equity plans or religious views? Or is it for money? And is he doing it at the bequest of someone else higher up in the food chain?

Ever since Obama became president, I have been trying to figure out who exactly IS “at the top.” Who is behind the fundamental transformation of our country?

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Obama was the spokesperson, no doubt, and George Soros was the financial backing (still is) – but who is in control? Is it one person or several – is it the Davos group and those involved in The Great Reset?

Is it the Middle East or China? Is it both?

Regardless of who the perpetrators are, there is no doubt what their goals are. 

They want to take down America.

They want to destroy every right we have under the Constitution whether it’s freedom of speech, religion, owning guns or any number of things. 

Their leftist friends in private business and the media are helping them with their plans (not to mention a misguided and socialist Pope who is preaching against the word of God).

Right now, we are in the fight of our lives over our freedom of speech. And without that freedom, you can’t fight for any others.

We should have learned when they removed Trump from social media what lengths they would go to in order to stop their adversaries from getting out their message.

But Trump is only a vessel. A spokesperson and guardian of our freedoms. WE are the target.

Democrats don’t want any opposition to anything they say or do. You have undoubtedly learned this, if you didn’t already have a clue, over the past two years during the pandemic. Democrats are not about science or saving lives or getting out the truth. They are about control.

In fact, the democrats are SO against science that they are doing their best to silence Dr. Robert Malone, a dude who actually developed the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Because Malone is critical of the government’s vaccine mandates and has said the vaccines are NOT working, the government must shut him down. He was one of many guests on the Joe Rogan podcast that upset the democrats.

But trying to get rid of Joe Rogan is just a small step in their bullying. They want us all to know that any deviation from their views will not be tolerated. And they are shutting us down in every way they can find.

To this end, talk show host Dan Bongino has been talking about (and developing) a parallel economy. 

We need our own services so that we can’t be censored or shut down. We need our own social media platforms, cell phone companies, lending institutions and many other things.

If the social media nazis haven’t already suspended you or shut you down yet, it’s just a matter of time. Especially if you garner a lot of supporters.

Misinformation is the new term from the leftists but that word is defined by the democrats. 

Misinformation actually means facts. 

It means OUR information. 

It means anything in opposition to THEIR narrative. That’s why they came out with “fact checkers” who are anything but.

Many have argued that if Facebook or YouTube want to shut you down, it’s not a first amendment issue. And for the most part, that is true. 

It IS however an issue of discrimination but unfortunately the civil rights laws that don’t allow discrimination based on sex, origin, etc. don’t have the word “politics” in the definition. That change is DESPERATELY needed at the state and federal levels to stop the leftists from controlling all avenues of speech.

We all know that the democrat-supporting YouTube, Facebook, Google and others are controlling a vast majority of the speech that is disseminated on the internet. And we all know they are secretly working with the democrats to do this and shut conservative voices down.

However, now, they are so very brazen and think that they are so untouchable that they are OPENLY calling for the shut down of our free speech.

Last week, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the Rogan/Spotify issue. She actually encouraged the big tech people to censor content.

Psaki said “so our hope is that all major tech platforms, and all major news sources for that matter, be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the American people have access to accurate information on something as significant as COVID-19, and that certainly includes Spotify.”

Accurate information means democrat information. 

Psaki went on to issue a warning to her friends in the media and on the internet when she said “…but there’s more than can be done.”

And it wasn’t just Jen calling for censorship of any discussion about COVID-19. The Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, actually issued an advisory on the risk of “misinformation” in public health and said that Rogan’s podcast should be censored.

On an interview with MSNBC’S Mike Brezenski, he said, “There’s something I’ve always believed in as a doctor is that people have the right to make their own decisions, but they also have the right to have accurate information to make that decision with.”

Accurate information as defined by the democrat party.

In order to stop our free speech, Murthy calls on the social media companies to step up because they’re not doing enough. He wants businesses to be as oppressive as the Biden administration. 

Murthy said, “This is not just about what our government can do, this is about companies and individuals recognizing that the only way we get past misinformation is if we are careful about what we see and we use the power that we have to limit the spread of that misinformation…”

Unfortunately, most of the medical community has decided to take the marching orders from the Biden administration and are using their information regarding the pandemic, espousing the same B.S. and going along with things that can be harmful (and fatal) to their patients.

A July article in Medical Express shows how the medical community is another arm of the democrat party, making sure they do what they can to help the cause of leftist COVID-19 policy by using their influence as “trusted” sources.

But it’s not just COVID-19 speech that the government wants to shut down. It’s anything. It’s everything. Any opposition to their ideas, policies and plans.

And they have a pretty big army to help them that includes, but is not limited to, the media, celebrities, academia and the private sector.

Censorship and information control by the democrat party is everywhere. 

They will continue to march forward. Newspapers, internet, podcasts, radio.. even in the libraries where they are holding “diversity audits” in order to weed out books not approved by the democrat party. And the American Federation of Teachers union is working with NewsGuard to make sure students only see information from “approved” sources.

Dan Bongino has made the comment multiple times lately that it’s time to pick a side. 

He said, “They’ve (the leftists) declared a war on free speech and you’re going to have to pick a side.” He said there is no avoiding the fight ahead – the fight is coming to our door. 

Most of us already have picked a side, but it goes deeper than that. It involves some changes – and maybe some sacrificing. 

We need fight for our rights but we also need to jump into that parallel economy whenever possible and expand our reach on multiple platforms with people who won’t shut down what we have to say. 

There is Rumble, Gettr, Parler, DuckDuckGo, Patriot Mobile, and GiveSendGo (instead of the oppressive GoFundMe who tried to steal the donations to the Canadian truckers protesting against the vaccine mandates). Trump will also be coming out with TRUTH Social soon. 

Other options are out there and more will become available. We don’t need to be stuck with Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube and the other free speech oppressors who are partners with the democrat party.

The leftists want to be able to control the message. But they also want to control who DELIVERS the message and they don’t want it to be regular Americans.

Pick a side. The democrats already have. And it’s not America.