It’s been almost a week since New Mexico democrat Senator Ben Ray Lujan had a stroke and underwent brain surgery – and we’re just hearing about it now. 

In the middle of a 50/50 Senate split, it’s most likely something that The White House didn’t wanted publicized. 

What happened to Lujan is a weakness for their radical agenda at a time when they are desperate to get their tyrannical legislation passed and also nominate a Supreme Court Justice.

There were even many democrat Senators who knew nothing about it. 

What did The White House know and when did they know it? 

I find it hard to believe that no one in the Biden administration knew what was going on.

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CNBC reports that a White House spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to questions about whether Biden was aware of Lujan’s condition.

So it looks like The White House can’t even be transparent with their own democrat senators about what’s going on. Yes, that’s because they are always in spin control and strategizing.

Montana democrat Senator Jon Tester said, “Jesus. He had a stroke? First I’ve heard of it.”

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin didn’t know about it either and said “Oh, my God…I did not know that, wow.”

Lujan’s Chief of Staff says he is expected to make a full recovery but how long will that take? And when will important democrat votes take place? His office isn’t commenting about when he’s expected to return to work.

In addition to Lujan’s current absence, with COVID-19 floating around, who knows which Senators will be available to vote at any given time?

Currently, Senator Mitt Romney and John Hoeven are in quarantine after testing positive for the virus and we obviously can’t predict the future – although I wouldn’t put it pass the democrats to schedule votes when republicans are “out of commission” for a few days.

If Lujan doesn’t recover and has to step down, the democrat governor would obviously appoint another democrat to the job but we don’t know when or if that will happen. 

And it’s not like the Biden administration is going to let us know anytime soon.