I haven’t intentionally watched one second of the Winter Olympics this winter. 

The fact that a communist country that abuses and kills people is able to host the Olympics is abhorrent. The fact that America chose to participate is just as abhorrent. 

Add to that the fact that China unleashed a pandemic on the entire planet and you seriously have to wonder if America has any standards or morals at all?

Obviously not.

At least not when the almighty dollar is at stake.

NBC was fine with broadcasting it. The sponsors and advertisers were fine with supporting it. The athletes were fine showing up to compete in a place where doping was okay and so was allowing men to compete in women’s events. 

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The poor whiney athletes complained about their horrible treatment in their hotels, their quarantines, their bad food and the empty stands.

What exactly did they expect? They’re in China.

I’m not the only one who ignored the games. The ratings were dismal. However, leftists like Slate tried to cover for the poor ratings by telling everyone that it isn’t an indication of viewership because the TV ratings don’t take into account the people watching on their phones and computers.

According to them, this year’s winter Olympics could quite possibly be the most watched Olympics ever in history. Yeah right.

I look forward to the next Olympics. 

Where might we find them? Iran? North Korea?