Rasmussen Reports polled likely voters and found RINO REP and Trump-hating Liz Cheney to be the number two choice to be the republican nominee for president in 2024.


The poll shows that Trump got 30% of the vote and Cheney got 16%. 

Russian propaganda?

And 16% of who? 10 people that they asked inside a Facebook office? 16% of the people they found in a mental hospital? 16% of the people they asked in San Francisco homeless shelter?

When you look at the poll, Rasmussen put democrat voters in the mix even though they don’t vote in republican primaries. 

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What about dogs? Did they ask dogs and fish too? What about anyone in the DNC or the Biden administration?

When looking at only republican voters in the poll, Cheney got a whopping 7%. That part sounds about right because about 7% of the republican base is a bunch of Trump-hating RINOS.

Chances are that Cheney won’t even be re-elected in her own state (unless she switches over to the democrat party) let alone would she have any chance in H-E-double hockey sticks to get the republican presidential nomination.

I truly hope Cheney believes the polling though. I’d love to see her run so that Trump and the conservatives can totally destroy her career for good.