The lyin’ anti-science democrats have been using the pandemic to win elections and tyrannically reign over people for about the past two years while they ignore their own rules and take maskless selfies while they party with friends and family.

But the writing is on the wall and that message to the democrats is “jump in a lake.”

People are tired of their rules and mandates. They’re tired of COVID-19 and they’re tired of democrats.

Afraid of massive election losses in November, the democrats are reading the tea leaves and getting rid of mask mandates.

Democrats across the country are getting caught without masks and there is a large pushback all over the planet with truckers, students and many others united against the oppressive leftists.

Fearing election losses, blue state democrats all over the United States are getting rid of the oppressive blue face diaper.

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New Jersey democrat Governor Phil Murphy has finally resigned to the fact that COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon. He said “We are not going to manage COVID to zero.”

He says we’re going to have to learn how to live with Covid. Really, Phil? You’re about a year-a-half behind the rest of us. We figured that out long ago.

In addition to New Jersey, California health officials will be lifting indoor mask mandates after February 15th.

Delaware will be lifting the indoor mask mandate on February 11th and they will let kids out of their masks on March 31st.

Connecticut will end the mask mandate for kids on February 28th.

And democrat New York Governor will also be reevaluating the mask mandates soon.

Democrats appear to be giving each other cover  in case they make their democrat base upset that face masks are no longer mandatory – or if the leftist media wants to give any push back. It’s all for one and one for all.

They will undoubtedly give lip service (if asked) to the fact that the Omicron cases are waning and they are doing it because of “science.”

Yes, that would be the science they’ve been ignoring since this whole thing started.