Yes, the Biden administration is THAT corrupt, clueless, idiotic and disgusting.

Of the billions of test kits that are being ordered and sent out (too late to do much good) by the Biden administration, the Epoch Times reports that a “sizable portion” of them have a “Made in China” tag on them from iHealth Labs, a California subsidiary of Chinese medical gear manufacturer Andon Health.

Med Tech Dive reports that Biden has ordered a total of 350 million tests from China.

Well, why wouldn’t he? 

Why wouldn’t our China-compromised president pay back his friends by giving them contracts worth over $2.1 billion dollars to send about 1/3 of Biden’s needed rapid tests into American homes?

$1.8 billion of the money came from the Department of Defense. 

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It’s a health matter and they’re taking money out of the Department of Defense? China must love the irony.

Defense of what? Nothing. Biden defends us against nothing.

Republican Virginia REP Rob Wittman says “If we should have learned anything about this pandemic – it’s that it’s imperative to break U.S. dependence on Chinese medical and PPE supply chains.”

Republican Ohio REP Brad Wenstrup is also peeved about the whole thing. He said, “The fact that the United States is mass distributing Chinese-manufactured COVID-19 tests further highlights the need to bring back U.S. manufacturing for critical industries.”

According to the democrats the enemy of their enemy is their friend. 

Trump, the republicans and the American people are the enemies of the democrats which makes China a democrat friend.

Made in America? No.

America first? Obviously not.

Not with Biden installed as our puppet president.