Biden is probably salivating when he sees what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing to the Canadian citizens in his country who oppose his tyrannical COVID-19 rules.

Trudeau is basically imposing martial law in his country, giving himself emergency powers to go after anyone he wants – to close their bank accounts, yank trucker’s licenses, stop their insurance coverage and do whatever else he feels like doing to the truckers and their supporters.

Democrats have been moving in the same tyrannical direction for a while now in order to go after political enemies and dissenters. Their ideas and policies are NOT popular so this is how they plan to retain their power and get rid of any opposition.

The democrats have gotten a lot accomplished, especially under emergency COVID-19 powers, as they head towards that goal. 

And things like getting companies and banks to use ESG scores will further that goal. The Great Reset is in full swing.

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance and how those things are managed compared to others.

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Are you woke enough? What is your carbon footprint? How many minorities do you have on your Board of Directors? What are your COVID-19 protocols? How are you investing your money? 

The democrats are going to “rate” you personally and professionally based on the things that are important to them – and whether you get a job, housing, credit, a loan or anything else will become dependent on your numbers. 

This is how the democrats plan to control you in the future.

It’s not a pipe dream. It’s not a conspiracy theory.

It’s already happening.

MasterCard is getting into the ESG game and so are many other big businesses. Google ESG and you’ll be amazed at what is going on in your country.

According to Investment News, nearly one in five defined-contribution plans in Fidelity’s business in 2020 already included at least one ESG investment option. So it’s happening. Now.

The Corporate Counsel reports that the Global elitists who are pushing the ESG plan announced in the beginning of February that 61 companies signed on to the organization’s “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics” which includes a set of ESG metrics and disclosures. Dow, Nestlé, Bank of America, Sony and many more.

The democrats support this kind of assault on your freedoms because they never have believed that you deserve any freedoms.

You may recall that former President Obama whined about the Constitution back in 2001 when he complained about it listing a bunch of negative liberties – things that the government CAN’T do to us. The Constitution is very inadequate for democrats and their plans.

Democrats don’t care about the whole “of, by and for” the people thing. And Biden is no different.

During a Super Bowl interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Biden scoffed at the idea of Americans having freedom. The first Amendment to him and other democrats has always been a road block to their plans.

Holt asked Biden what his message was to people who desperately want COVID-19 and mask and vaccine mandates to be over so they can resume their lives.

President Disaster answered sarcastically, “Well, look, I love how people talk about personal freedom…”

He incoherently yapped, “If you’re exercising personal freedom puts someone else in jeopardy, their health in jeopardy, I don’t consider that being very, dealing with freedom. It’s about moving in the direction you know is likely to diminish the prospects that this virus continues to spread…”

Someone should tell President Disaster that the Constitution doesn’t have asterisks. Freedom is freedom. 

And I make choices every day that put other people’s health (and lives) in jeopardy when I get in my car. 

Are the democrats going to outlaw cars?

Well, yes, they ARE trying, that’s for sure.

And what about the democrat’s support of abortion? I’m pretty sure that women who get abortions put the health of their baby in jeopardy.

As long as the democrats remain in office, our freedoms will keep slipping away, some slowly and some overnight. 

You fight now or you will be left with nothing to fight for pretty soon.