President Biden is really on top of things. What better idea is there than to put a police-hating Black Lives Matter activist in charge of helping him to pick and support a Supreme Court nominee?

Gee, I thought South Carolina House REP democrat James Clyburn was in charge of the nominee – so why did Biden job out the project to BLM’s Minyon Moore?

Who is Moore? Well, she is on the board of Black Lives Matter Global Foundation (or at least was very recently) and is a Clinton pal and former DNC Chief Operating Officer. 

She helped Jesse Jackson’s losing presidential campaigns and advised Kamala Harris when she was running for president. She also supports CRT and the Defund the Police movement. 

A real gem.

I’m sure she’ll pick an absolute winner for the court, someone who will take the Constitution very seriously (insert sarcasm here).

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And why exactly does old senile Biden need Supreme Court nomination “consultants” to begin with? Or did I just answer my own question?

Is Biden not competent enough to pick and nominate a judge on his own? Doesn’t seem like a hard job to do. 

The Black Lives Matter organization should be about as far away from The White House and presidential decisions as possible. 

Not only did they act like terrorists for more than a year, involved in riots, arson and murder, but they are currently under investigation for not disclosing where all of their donations went. 

And they don’t exactly do anything worthwhile to help their own people either. The Defund the Police movement has been a catalyst for a crime wave across the country and has created economic damage to black communities.

BLM is a fraud but they are loyal to the democrat party – and in the end, that’s all that matters. 

The democrats will always pay back their mob friends who help them attain their power and that’s exactly what this is. 

That’s what the promise was to only nominate a black female to the bench.

Electoral payback.

But it won’t stop here. BLM will continue to cash in their chips and get what is owed to them.