Product shortages and transportation issues at the ports? 

Not a problem at all. 

In fact, so much NOT a problem that Department of Transportation Secretary and failed democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was AWOL for months on paternity leave during the supply chain crisis.

Buttigieg was also behind the eight ball on the 5G issues near the airports as well as staff shortages and flight delays plaguing the country’s airlines.

It seems like young Petey doesn’t understand what his job is – but then most in the Biden Harris Obama administration only have two real concerns…

1. To do the bidding of radical Obama and reinforce the democrat mantra of the day (whatever it may be)

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2. To be a public face of “inclusivity” and support the climate change fraud.

So the fact there have been transportation issues and product shortages resulting from the blockade that was caused by Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates never seemed to be a cause for concern for Pete.

He didn’t jump into action to solve the problem and negotiate any kind of deal that supported both commerce and individual freedoms. I did read that he picked up a phone and made a call though. So there’s that. 

We seem to have a virtual Transportation Secretary – unless he needs go out and spread his climate change garbage. Then he’ll show up in person to tour a community college that has an electric vehicle energy storage worker training program.

So Pete is too busy to worry about truckers in Canada.

He’s had more important things to do. 

More important fights to fight. 

In addition to spending his time on the climate change agenda, he’s also busy protecting wokeness.

Lately, Pete’s been busy going after republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the republicans in the sunshine state.

Pete has been talking about the Parental Rights in Education bill in Florida that bans the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in state public schools from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Most mentally sound people would agree with the bill, understanding that the ages of five to ten shouldn’t be the ages to be talking about sexual ideas and definitions.

But Buttigieg calls the bill “dangerous” and says it will lead to suicides among the LBBTQ youth.

Pete’s priorities are obviously gay issues over transportation issues. 

And he chooses to take field trips to advocate electric cars instead of going to the ports and figuring out how to clear out the backlog of ships waiting in the waters – which is down from it’s peak of 109 to a current tally of 78 ships.

Wow, what progress!

Pete, like most in the Biden Harris Obama administration, doesn’t actually do the job that he was hired to do. 

The democrats scatter themselves into government like cockroaches and change the departments to meet their own needs so they can do the bidding of the democrat party. 

Our government now consists of departments within the democrat party – organizations, money, staff, rules and dictates to the American people. Everything they need to further their leftist goals.

In Pete’s case, he gets paid more than $200,00 to push his gay and climate change agendas at the expense of the rest of us who have no one competent (or working) at the helm of the transportation department.