Michigan democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who was the wrong color to win the VP beauty pageant contest with Biden, gave her State of the State speech on Wednesday, January 26th.

Whitmer appears to be the underdog to win another vote in the next Michigan governor’s race due to the fact that she purposely sent COVID-19 patients into nursing homes (probably killing thousands) and destroyed businesses all over the state with her lockdown rules. 

And those are just the highlights of her disastrous rein over the state.

She’s been relatively quiet for a while because her hundreds of thousands of Executive Orders didn’t go over well. And when the Michigan Supreme Court stopped her from ruling over us by decree, she used the health department to continue her tyranny.

In her latest State of the State speech, she made sure to whine about all of the problems she had to deal with in doing the job she ran for.


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Boo hoo hoo… I had to deal with the pandemic.

Boo hoo hoo…I had to deal with a polar vortex.

Boo hoo hoo… I had to deal with a recession.

Boo hoo hoo… I had to deal with what looks to be an FBI plot to kidnap me.

Boo hoo hoo… I had to deal with historic flooding.

What a trooper. 

How does she do it, everyone is asking. 

Everyone who?

Well, Whitmer says she deals with it by showing up for every Michigan family.

EVERY ONE of us.

I haven’t seen her at my house, have you? 

She talked about the many things that she wants – but she’s sabotaged most of those things since she became the governor.

Great schools? She closed them.

Safer communities? Nope, that doesn’t happen with criminal justice “reform.” 

Thriving small businesses? Nope. She closed them down too and her evil Attorney General, Dana Nessel, prosecuted people as much as possible to make examples of them.

Sorry, Gretch. 

You can try to re-write history but we all actually lived through it and you sucked.

You still suck.

You can be quieter and stop all of your draconian rules as things get closer to the election but it’s too little too late.

You can tell us that students belong in schools – but we saw what happened when the sh*t hit the fan and you made decisions as our leader. 

Bad decisions.

The state of our state is NOT strong. 

It never is under democrat rule – and it definitely won’t be under Whitmer’s rule again.