The republican party is totally inept at taking a moment that should overwhelmingly be OUR moment and capitalizing on it.

Biden is a dismal failure in all aspects of his presidency – and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy have announced that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds will be the one giving the republican response to Biden’s State of the Union address.

What? Who?

Most of us haven’t even heard of her. 

This should be our shining moment to put out the BEST that we have to call out Biden and the democrats for destroying the country. 

I’m not saying she won’t do a good job but what kind of strategy is this?

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Why is some relatively unknown republican speaking for us when we don’t even know who she is, let alone have we formed a consensus that she’s “allowed” to speak for us?

God forbid our two RINO leaders get someone with the stones and bona fides to push back on what is happening to our country. 

I can think of about a zillion people who I wouldn’t mind giving the speech instead of her – Kristi Noem, Ron DeSantis, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Don Trump Jr., Senator John Kennedy, my new puppy…

We need someone who has proven themselves in the spotlight – someone we can trust to carry the message of America First and someone who is able to describe the serious situation we are in with Biden and the democrats in charge.

It’s obvious that the republican leadership is NOT serious about fixing he ills of our country. Only a handful of them really are even aware of the dangers around us – and we are sitting here, stuck with more of the same from them.

As former president Ronald Reagan said at the Republican National Convention address in 1976, the republican party needs a banner of bold, no pale pastels shades. He talked about our need to be successful in communicating and “reveal to the American people the difference” between our ideas and the platform of the democrats.

But many of our elected republicans aren’t even in the game of communicating our message.They aren’t participating. They are road blocks to fixing the country and making it safe and prosperous. 

Some of them, like Romney, Collins, Murkowski and Cheney don’t even believe in a lot of what we stand for and buddy up to the democrats instead of representing the people who voted them into office.

If the republicans actually succeed in taking back the House or the Senate this year, it will be dumb luck. It will only happen because of us.

It certainly won’t be because of any unified message that the elected republicans are sending out. No, they’re too busy making deals with the democrats to keep the tyrannical government funded.

McConnell said about Reynolds, “While Washington democrats fail working Americans, republican governors are fighting and wining for families, Gov. Kim Reynolds’ brave, bold and successful leadership for Iowans has put her right at the front of the pack.”

If Kim was SOOOO very brave, bold and successful, why don’t we know much (or anything) about her? Why isn’t she a household name?

Is she a rising star? No. 

That happens organically, not by forcing someone on us and telling us she’s a rising star.

I could care less who Kevin and Mitch think is a rising star.

How about letting the first black female Lieutenant Governor of Virginia take a stab at the republican response???

Someone who knows how to win. 

Someone who has captivated the conservative movement. 

Someone who can inspired people.

I would like to hear from Winsome Sears far more than anyone our RINO leaders have decided to force on us.