The fake news media is all agog over Russia and Ukraine. It’s a gift for them NOT to have to report on the dismal state of affairs in the United States and the crime and economic problems that the democrat party has purposely brought to the country.

Even our own favorite conservative media outlets are doing 85% Ukraine/Russia news. And I’m not saying it’s not important to cover.

What I’m saying is…

These are the times when democrats sneak stuff through. They get Americans focused on what they want them focused on and they do things behind our backs. 

It’s a trick that Obama used during his eight years in the Oval Office. He got the media to report on a dozen things a day so it was hard for us to pick the most important things and rally together to combat them. 

Usually, the most important thing of the day that Obama was doing was thing number #13 that wasn’t even getting reported on.

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Controlling the narrative is always the numero uno job of all democrat presidential administrations and their friends in the media. They will use this crisis to push their progressive goals as well as keep the attention off of their failures.

CBS is already laughably blaming the Ukraine crisis on the ills of America. They actually tweeted “The U.S. economy’s been hit with increased gas prices inflation, and supply-chain issues due to the Ukraine crisis.”

LOL. Did Twitter flag them for misinformation? Nope. Because misinformation is ONLY stuff uttered by republicans and Trump supporters.

Newsflash to CBS viewers: Biden is the one who caused the economic problems and supply chain problems and inflation over the past 12+ months. Yes, the Ukraine crisis will exacerbate everything but that’s only because of the current state of affairs we are in BECAUSE of Biden and the democrats.And with our energy independence being gone, our options are more limited.

Not surprisingly, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine looks to be democrat-inspired and Americans will pay the price – whether it’s astronomical gas prices or attacks on our infrastructure. Or bringing us into full-blown war.

Between Clinton’s deal with the Ukrainians, having them give their nukes back to Russia in the early 1990’s and America having a weak president, the fingers are squarely pointed at the democrat party for the situation we find ourselves in. 

Yes, Putin is responsible for the invasion but the democrat party surely helped him out. They opened the door for his aggression.

And the democrats won’t mind using the situation to their advantage – at our expense – by doing things behind our backs while we are otherwise occupied, worried that the economy is going to go farther down the drain and worried about the possibility of Russia coming after us.

So while the democrats and their friends in the media do their whole “Russia! Russia! Russia!” show, keep your eye on the ball and pay attention to what’s going on at home.

While most of the air is being taken up with the Russia invasion, the democrats will be busy doing things to destroy our country from the inside – and at a rapid pace while the timing is on their side.

They are ultimately more dangerous than Putin could ever hope to be.