Democrats are great at naming things the opposite of what they really are. 

The Affordable Care Act for unaffordable government health care

The Patriot Act to spy on Americans

Build Back Better to bankrupt America and kill business with green energy regulation

The Dream Act to kill the dreams of Americans by allowing illegal aliens to stay in the country and take their jobs

The phrase Black Lives Matter is no different now that it’s been appropriated by a radical leftist organization.

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You would assume from the name that to the Black Lives Matter organization, black lives matter.

But they don’t.

It’s a pro-criminal, anti-police racist organization to help the democrat party get votes and enrich the founders. 

In addition to that, their rhetoric on the website had openly proclaimed a war on the nuclear family until they got caught telling people who they really were and had to remove the information from the internet.

Unfortunately, black lives didn’t – and still don’t – matter to this group.

Like all other leftist organizations, it’s the money and power that matter to them.

When black police officers are assaulted and killed, they don’t say a thing.

When black kids are shot in the streets of Chicago, they don’t say a thing.

When black babies are killed at high rates through abortion, they don’t say a thing.

And the fact that BLM was a large part of the reason for the jump in crime and anti-police sentiment with their protests and riots is largely ignored by the leftist media.

BLM was actually founded on a fraud after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. 

Along with former President Obama, they lied to everyone about what happened and misrepresented both Zimmerman and Martin to stoke racism around the country and make their organization relevant.

Their goal is very similar to PETA who is also a fraud: Capitalize on sensational stories, misrepresent the stories and rake in the money for the top people.

The George Floyd killing really brought the group into the forefront and they were able to create the Great Shakedown where they had companies donating to them right and left in order not to be called out for being racist. What a haul.

But where did all of the money go? 

Who knows.

Founder Patrice Cullors who stepped down from the group ended up owning four properties in the United States worth $3.2 million. Hmmm… that’s not sketchy at all.

And now, no one has a clue who’s running the group or where the money is going.  

There is no 2020 IRS return but yet they are still allowed to exist. 

Or do they? Their 2019 IRS filing gives an address in Los Angeles that doesn’t exist, according to the Daily Mail.

In September 2020, BLM accounts received $66.5 million that were transferred from the group Thousand Currents who managed the donations before BLM was approved as a non-profit. 

2020 saw $90 million donated to them.

And BLM isn’t reporting who their prominent donors are but we know a lot of the names who participated in the shakedown – Netflix, Twitter, Facebook…we all remember the stories about how everyone was donating to “the cause” to fight racism.

BLM was actually forced to shut down their online fundraising last week after Washington and California attorney generals demanded their late financial disclosures from 2020. 

The local BLM affiliates aren’t too happy about what’s going on either. New York Post reports some of the groups are threatening to hold BLM officers personally liable for their lack of financial transparency.

Black Lives Matter is just another leftist scam where they lie about who they are and what they want to do – and collect millions doing it.