I’m pretty happy that it’s not Thanksgiving or I’d be in deep dodo.

I have been trying to find a potato masher for more than a month.

I have looked at the four grocery stores I frequent. I looked at Walgreens and dollar stores. 

In the olden days, the pre-Biden days, when you could find products you needed, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

But under incompetent democrat rules that have incentivized workers to stay home and produced shortages, there are always products that are in short supply or not on shelves at all.

You never know what’s going to be missing from day to day.

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I finally gave up looking in the brick and mortar stores and ordered the potato masher on Amazon. 

But I still don’t have it.

Delay, delay, delay.

Every day I get a new email about how it’s on the way – eventually. But the delivery date keeps changing.

Are the potato mashers stuck on ships? Is there some mass potato masher usage across the country that I don’t know about? Are there weather problems holding up my potato masher? Climate change problems? Equity issues?

Who knows.

For now, I am stuck with instant potatoes while my poor potatoes sit in their bag on the floor, waiting to be cut but not mashed.

I know – you are crying for me, right? Laughing about my first world problems?

But that’s just the point. 

How long are we going to be living in a first world under Biden and the democrats?

Today it’s a potato masher. Tomorrow it’s gasoline or a prescription that you can’t get – or afford.

Transformative change is already here and my missing potato masher is just one small example of that.