The leftists love their rules – but they never seem to follow them.

The COVID-19 insanity has driven them to new levels of hypocrisy with their masking edicts.

Just about every democrat politician has been caught NOT adhering to their own mask rules from Nancy Pelosi to Gavin Newsom to Anthony Fauci. 

But we always forget that the democrats are special. Just ask them.

And like the Hollywood celebrities, they apparently aren’t at risk for getting or spreading the virus so they don’t have to wear masks all the time like they preach to us.

If you’re a celebrity at an award show, no mask. If you’re a beverage server or a camera guy, you wear a mask. If you are in the audience on Ellen’s TV show, you wear a mask. If you are Ellen or a guest, no mask.

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The latest example of rules for thee, but not for me comes in the form of an amusing school board meeting in Montgomery County, Virginia.

An anti-mask parent, Alecia Vaught, took to the microphone to comment about the hypocrisy of the school board not following the new republican governor’s Executive Order that lets parents decide if their kids wear masks or not. The school board had been fine following the mask orders when a democrat was Governor of the state.

During the public comment, Vaught showed Facebook photos of one of the board members, Chairwoman Susan Kass, in public without a mask.

The school board member did not take kindly to being “outed” and tried to shut her down, including asking an officer to handle the problem. 

Another board members defended Vaught’s right to speak and the officer stood by the parent while she was talking but did not physically remove her from the building.

Kass whined about Vaught showing photos of her family. Vaught said, “What do you think about our family? Our family is being suffocated to death by your policies.”

Kass said, “I’m done. She leaves or I leave” and then she left.

As she left, Vaught said, “We’re coming for your seat” to which Kass responded “you can have it” – which sounds like a great idea to me.

Parents need to start taking over these board seats and put the power where it belongs.