Democrats aren’t getting enough information about us from their leftist friends at Amazon, Apple and Facebook so they are working on other ways to spy on us so they can have as much leverage over us as possible. They want total control and the ability to destroy us at any time.

Spying on us is one of their favorite things to do and once you are a spy, you just can’t give it up. You have to come up with new ways to do it.

Back in the Obama days, he used his intelligence agencies to spy on Trump and other political enemies. He had a database of NSA data to go through in addition to having his corrupt administration get fraudulent FISA warrants. 

And, as we know, Obama never had to pay a price for any of it. None of the big players did either – because they’re democrats. Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Strzok… they should all be in jail. But instead, they are enjoying their lives and many are CNN contributors or guests.

They have become heroes to democrats across the land and trailblazers for future spying operations.

Civil liberties? What civil liberties?

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The ability to get away with so much has led democrats to put their foot on the gas. They saw that they were invincible and the spying hasn’t stopped.

The Biden FBI spied on the bank accounts and other data of people who were around Washington DC on January 6th, 2021 whether they were at the Capitol or not.

Now we learn that the Capitol Police were also quietly looking at backgrounds of people who met with lawmakers. It just goes to show you the lengths that democrats will go in order to find ANYTHING they can use against political enemies. 

Not suspected of a crime? They don’t care. They’ll investigate you anyway. Even if you are a Hill staffer. Or maybe because you are.

And not surprisingly, the Biden mob got Congress to update the rules in the American Rescue Plan Act and places like Venmo and PayPal will now be reporting business transactions they have with you that total $600 or more a year. You’ll receive a 1099-K from these businesses and YOU HAD BETTER REPORT YOUR GIG ECONOMY INCOME – or else.

We also have Pete Buttigieg getting in on the spying act. He has been touting that the federal government is working on having zero traffic accidents (good luck with that).

As part of this unattainable goal, the democrats put billions of dollars into the republican supported infrastructure bill to put in speed cameras all over the country.

Pete says he’s doing it so that handing out speeding tickets is less racist but it’s actually going to have the opposite effect. The traffic cameras in Chicago handed out tickets in black and hispanic zip codes about twice the rate of those in white areas.

You can’t change FACTS no matter how much democrats try and the result has been having blacks and hispanics paying about a half billion dollars in fines and fees over the last 15 years. Some great equity plan, huh?

Because of the speed cameras, democrats have pushed blacks and hispanics into driver’s license suspensions, vehicle impoundments and bankruptcies.

But all of that doesn’t matter because the democrats are using the language of racism, diversity and equity to be able to spy on everyone’s movements all over the country.

And don’t forget that we have the Biden IRS who is going to require that we submit a photo of our face to them in order to access our tax information online. 

No thanks. I won’t be accessing my tax information online, dear fascists.

The writing is on the wall that the democrats can’t stand the American people and we only exist to serve THEM so they can be powerful and wealthy. 

In order to threaten and cajole us into doing what they want, the democrats must have an unlimited spying operation going on.

And they do.

They are obtaining data from us from just about every corner of the world.