What kind of moron tells a story about a dead dog and thinks it’s a good idea – in any circumstance?

President Biden was reminiscing recently about time served on a City Council while he gave an address at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference.

He told everyone what a hard job they have, scoffing at the rich neighborhood he had to serve in the middle of a middle class working class district.

He got a call from a republican (don’t know why he cared what party she was in or why he had to mention this in his story). 

She called to tell him there was a dead dog on her lawn and no one in the country had come to remove it. When Biden told her he’d get to it the next morning, she said, “I want it removed now, I pay your salary.”

So the GREAT and lovely Biden went to her house and moved the dog to her doorstep.

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The crowd laughed.

The story tells a lot about how partisan Joe treats his political enemies. And it tells how sick the people are who were listening to his story and laughed.

Putting a dead dog on someone’s doorstep is funny?

More than anything, it’s an illustration about democrats like Joe and how treating people from the political party differently (usually worse) is A-OK.

Same old Joe.

Same old democrats. 

It’s who they are.