You would think that when you have a feckless Commander in Chief, one who decided not to do what zillions of people in the military told him needed to be done, as a military commander, you would still come up with some sort of decent plan that entailed common sense when given the task to withdrawal our troops from Afghanistan.

But as we know, that doesn’t appear to have happened.

Biden stranded Americans and allies in the country, he got soldiers killed at the airport, people were hanging off planes, he let the Taliban control the area before we even withdrew, and he literally left behind tons of aircraft, supplies and ammunition. 

It’s pretty sad that the military couldn’t come up with some sort of decent plan  to get around Biden’s complete FUBAR and figure out how to get the people out who needed to get out.

But no, it was a free-for-all. 

Biden just wanted some nice photo ops showing people in planes leaving. He didn’t care who were on the planes. And the people who actually should have gotten on the planes were blocked by our very own State Department. 

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Talk show host Glenn Beck documented this problem in spades. Him and many other private citizens had to purchase their own planes and get their own “soldiers” to get people out of the country because the Biden administration wasn’t doing it.

So now, six months later, are we supposed to be surprised that “dozens” of Afghans with security concerns were let into our country?

Just like the daily invasion of the southern border has shown us, the Biden administration has never put a high priority on keeping our country safe.

The Department of Defense published a report last week that has identified “50 Afghan personnel in the United States with information in DoD records that would indicate potentially significant security concerns.”


Have these people been located? Well, they found three of them so far after looking for 31 of them. 

I’m surprised that they even looked into it. And I’m surprised that they told us about it.

How did this security problem happen? Because they didn’t bother to check out anyone with any kind of due diligence, efficiency or competence.

The Biden administration had said they were “vetting” the Afghans but the National Counterterrorism Center (NTCT) didn’t access all available data from the Pentagon. 

But wait….Press Secretary Jen Psaki said she could “absolutely assure” that nobody is coming into the United States who “had not been through a thorough screening and and background check process.”

Oopsie. I’m sure they were all well-intentioned though. That’s all that matters when democrat are in charge. And I’m sure by now, they have changed the definition of what the word “absolutely” means.