Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the poster child for The Great Reset and is currently the guy who’s seeing how far he can push tyranny and control over the minions, hoping to provide a roadmap for others.

The lack of push back from the people looks grim for freedom everywhere.

The new police state Trudeau has created is something he wants to hold onto and I imagine that Biden and the democrats are salivating at the possibilities.

These masters of the universe want control over everything we do – what cars we drive (or don’t), our energy usage, what medical care we get, what we’re allowed to say, when we’re allowed to protest and for what, what we’re allowed to buy and so on and so on and so on.

The World Economic Forum kings and queens are using the pandemic to further their Great Reset goals and the leftist dictators across the planet are gung ho to help.

To that end, Trudeau saw a WONDERFUL opportunity to be able to declare himself king by using emergency powers during the trucker’s blockade. 

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Oh, yes, it was SOME emergency. 

Truck drivers were waving flags and demanding freedom. They were singing “We are the World”, grilling burgers and had bouncy houses set up. 

They committed parking violations and for that, they were trampled with horses and arrested. The government removed people’s pets and children, doxed donors giving them money and supplies, and turned Ottawa into a police state.

Who wouldn’t want to keep that kind of power?

Trudeau is looking to control the people indefinitely and money is always a great way to do that. So he’s working on expanding his surveillance powers over the little people.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced on Valentine’s Day that they are broadening the scope of Canada’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules so they cover crowdfunding platforms and the payment service providers they use (including crypotocurrencies).

Everybody’s gotta register with the Feds so that the big guys can monitor what everyone is doing. That way, the government can freeze the bank accounts of Canadians on a whim whenever they are not complying with their wishes.

Meanwhile on Thursday, 20 REAL terrorists were out and about in Canada, wielding axes on a British Columbia gas pipeline and shooting flare guns at workers. They caused millions in damage. They even tried to set a vehicle on fire that had workers inside.

Nothing to see here though. The REAL enemies are the political enemies of those in power. We all know that.