Canadian Prime MInster Justin Trudeau is sounding very Hiter-like as of late.

He’s just not happy that his subjects aren’t complying with his rules.

A recent Bill Maher rant exposed some words from Trudeau that you might have missed.

Apparently, Trudeau had said some Nazi-esque things in September when talking about people who don’t want to comply with his vaccine mandates. 

First he pulled out the race card like the leftists do in the United States – as well as calling the unvaccinated ignorant and sexist. He said, “They don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynistic, often racist…”

But then he went off into uncharted psycho territory and he said, “They take up space, and with that we have to make a choice – in terms of a leader in a country – do we tolerate these people?”

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Take up space?

Do they tolerate people?

What’s he talking about? If Canadians don’t agree with him, is it OFF WITH THEIR HEADS?

Later on, after the trucker blockade got started and Biden implored him to “drive them out” (the protesters), Trudeau said, “everything is on the table.”

Yes, we believe that.

Everything is ALWAYS on the table when the leftists need to retain their power.

The last two+ years especially have proved that.