Why do the democrats have a war on blacks? And why do black people keep voting for people who don’t care about their very lives?

It has been painfully obvious that democrats don’t care if blacks are safe in their homes and neighborhoods. 

Instead of offering any real solutions to the black on black crime and violence plaguing democrat-run inner cities, the democrats have been focusing on white cops who have killed blacks even though many of the victims have been found to have posed an immediate threat to police officers.

But only politics matter to the leftists. 

Black lives do NOT matter. 

That is evident with all of the shootings and deaths in Chicago every weekend – and many other large cities.

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In addition to the high number of weekly shootings in Chicago, there was recently a gang shooting with over 70 bullets flying through a neighborhood in Chicago’s Cook County in broad daylight – all captured on police observation cameras. 

After the shooting, five gang members who had been taken in custody by a SWAT team were let go by the State’s Attorney, Soros-funded Kim Foxx, and not charged with felony murder or attempted murder or anything else. 

Foxx deemed it a fair fight with everyone involved in “mutual combat.”


She finally got off her butt recently and actually charged someone – but only because he had a “automatic weapon.” He’s charged with unlawful use of a weapon. Whoopie. 

The leftist lawmakers aren’t following the laws anymore and couldn’t care less about the safety of the American people. This obviously creates more crime.

And it’s more crime against blacks.

According to Fox News a FOIA request showed that, “at least 16 U.S. cities witnessed record-high homicide rates in 2021” and most of the victims were blacks. 

Blacks are just 13% of the U.S. population but accounted for half the homicide offenders and 56% of the victims in 2021.

81.3% of the homicides in Chicago were blacks in 2021. 78.9% of the homicides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana were black. In Columbus, Ohio, it was 66.1% and the stats go on and on…

There is a systemic race problem in the country involving crimes and the criminal justice system – and this is it. 

This is the real racial problem in our country that’s not being addressed. Blacks are being killed in droves and and democrats don’t do a damn thing about it.

In fact, democrats make things worse with their “no cash” bail policies and other insane pro-criminal policies and prosecutors.

Republican lawmakers are mostly silent about it as well. They aren’t willing to bring it up as an important issue to address, let alone solve – and the people in the crime-ridden neighborhoods are too afraid to do anything about it.

The clerics in the bad neighborhoods and the good people who live there are afraid for their lives. 

They know that law enforcement will not have their backs and the criminals will be released back to the streets over and over again. There is a revolving door that releases violent criminals back into the country at a rapid pace no matter how many past convictions they have.

So the ordinary and law-abiding black citizen keeps quiet. Trapped in their own homes.

This is REAL racism. This is a race issue that needs to be addressed. Not a picture of Aunt Jemima on a pancake box, not statues, not confederate flags, not idiots taking knees during the National Anthem. 

None of that is real. None of that means anything – which is why democrats use those things as symbolism to pretend they’re fighting for minorities when they aren’t. 

The democrats fight fake battles that means nothing and claim victory over empty fights while blacks keep getting killed.

Black lives don’t matter to democrats and everyone needs to wake up to that reality.