An American president hasn’t declared official war on another country since WWII. Republicans and Democrats both found it convenient to ignore the Constitution on that matter.

Joe Biden is now engaged in a geopolitical conflict that may or may not lead to outright war. He says America will not become directly involved and he is probably correct. At least, in that battle.

But there is an undeclared domestic war the Biden administration is fighting. It is against the Constitution, the American people, and America itself. Here are the battlefields of that war.

1. Crime- The Biden administration has not only ignored public safety, but has aided and abetted groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa in crime. The administration has condemned and hampered law enforcement officers and has coddled criminals. Some parts of our major cities resemble war zones. If a foreign invader had done this the Marines would be packing for a faroff shore. But Democrats are an internal enemy.

2. The economy- The Biden administration has actively sought to suppress American prosperity and productivity at the urging of the socialist wing of the Democrat Party. From energy to mask mandates, from unemployment to vaccine mandates, from taxes to spending, this administration has stuck a bayonet in the gut of American commerce and business.

3. Education- The Biden administration has championed anti-American and racist theories and attempted to indoctrinate American children down to the elementary school level with their pernicious doctrines. CRT is only one form of their program. Families are threatened, children are sexualized, socialism is taught as fact, racism against any non PC approved group is not only tolerated but encouraged, these are the educational fundamentals of the Biden administration. This is a battle we dare not lose.

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4. National security- The present Ukrainian situation is an obvious example of the weakness and incompetence of the Biden administration. Though playing through the crisis, a crisis that they brought on, so far well, this administration and its anti-Western and anti-American elements have weakened America and made our power and influence a force to be trifled with around the world. Look at Afghanistan, the current situation in Ukraine, and the very possibly upcoming situation in Taiwan. All would not have happened under Trump or under any president who wanted America to be strong on the world stage.

Like an insidious virus, the Biden administration strikes at our military, using it as a social engineering vehicle and thus crippling our fighting forces. It allows hard Left sections of the Democrat Party to disparage and injure military personnel by discounting as unimportant their basic mission of defense. No external enemy could hurt us this much.

So we will watch with fascination how the Biden administration handles the Ukrainian crisis. And as any free American should, we will do political battle with this administration in November and beyond. A love of American liberty demands no other response to the outrages and aggression of the Biden administration.