The recent attack on a Texas synagogue brings to mind a question. When murderous cretins decide to act on their impulses why is it that they so many times choose Jews as their targets? Easy. Jealousy.

Now granted, I have a horse in this race. My family is Jewish going back into the mists of history. I grew up Jewish and was bar mitzvahed. And although I converted to Roman Catholicism in my thirties, I still consider myself culturally and intellectually a product of my Jewish heritage. My commitment to the state of Israel remains unwavering.

Now when I say jealousy I also mean it comes in many forms. The Texas terrorist was apparently an Islamist. They are jealous of Jewish national success. Of course, that success was after surrounding Arab states tried to destroy Israel several times. Each times the Jews fought back and won. That really got on the nerves of the Islamists. Not to mention, they look around at their national merdeholes and compare it to the thriving high tech nation they have tried to kill to no avail. The comparison revs up the jealousy. Hence incidents like Texas.

There is the standard traditional antisemitism of the ages. Just like in many Asian families, Jews put a high premium on education and intellectual achievement. On heritage and family stability as well. Thus they tend to climb higher on the educational ladder than the norm and are rewarded with material success. Quite an easy and normal formula actually. But not for everyone.

Some who do not enjoy those benefits, or do not try as hard, seem to think that Jews have some sneaky and diabolical method of accomplishing their goals. Nope. Merely the aforementioned family and educational thing. Not wanting to admit to that specific Jewish advantage, the jealous, also not wanting to take responsibility for their own faults or lack of achievement, blame the Jews. Simply, they are jealous of Jewish material and intellectual success.

Then there’s the religious aspect. You know, the Christ-killer charge. Forgetting for the moment it was the Romans who killed Christ, that Jesus himself was a Jew, and that modern Christianity has absolved Jews of that charge, there are still pockets of ignorant buffoons who hate Jews for that. Gotta admit, no jealousy there. Only plain old fashioned logic defying hate.

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These pathological loathings manifest themselves in myriad ways. Some take hostages. Some kill Jewish children in terrorist acts. Certain forces like Hamas launch rockets at innocent Israeli citizens. Others kill Olympic athletes. Still others spew hate and leave the dirty work to assorted animals. All various sides of the same coin of jealousy and ignorance. Why the Jews? Because some people like to blame others for their sad, sorry lives. Those who do would rather blame Jews than look in the mirror.