The big news in DC is that everybody is gearing for this town’s favorite pugilistic event, a Supreme Court confirmation.

As I write this early Thursday morning, opposition research teams all over the capital are digging deep into the backgrounds of those who might replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. The Republicans are looking for ammo. The Democrats want to know every scrap of information available on a potential nominee to prepare a forward defense. The White House has several options and all eyes are once again on rebel Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

An easy option would be to choose the McConnell thwarted current Attorney General Merrick Garland. He’s been vetted already and, after a bruising fight, would probably scrape through confirmation. Though we bet Garland is now really regretting his recent aggressive moves against parents. That’s something the GOP can use to great effect, not to mention fundraise off of.

Because if you’re like me, and in a moment of weakness gave a donation to any Republican, then expect to be texted soon with screaming headlines about how the Republic will immediately perish if you don’t give fifty bucks to stop Garland. If it’s Garland.

However, there’s a hitch on the AG. Socialist and racist Democrats think Biden promised, he kinda did and kinda didn’t if you parse it close enough, that the next nominate to the high court would be a black female, regardless of her qualifications. I’m thinking Halle Berry. But that’s just me.

If Biden doesn’t play into the racial and gender quota game of the hard Left, then all hell will break loose. They will say he reneged on his promise, is a racist, a sexist, and no doubt singlehandedly raped Nanking in the 1930s. Biden will be caught between the Democrat establishment, who wants Garland as revenge on McConnell, and the hard Left, who wants a black female who hates the United States of America.

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Speaking of McConnell, can his legendary congressional prowess stop any Biden nominee? Maybe, if they are of the hard Left and he can convince Manchin and Sinema to go south on the nomination.

Who is Biden considering for the slot? In conversations will Hill Democrats on Wednesday a plethora of names were mentioned. Among them were Garland, Stacey Abrams, Michelle Obama, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Leondra Kruger, J. Michelle Childs, Wilhelmina ‘Mimi’ Wright, Eunice Lee, Candace Jackson-Akiwumi, Sherrilyn Ifill, and Hillary. But Hillary is a non starter because of her skin color. Ah, sweet poetic justice (get it?). An advocate of the Defund the Police movement, Ifill is thought to be a favorite.

Another interesting name mentioned is non-lawyer Senator Tammy Duckworth, Democrat of Illinois (The Constitution does not specify that a Supreme Court Justice need be an attorney). This would be a smart unconventional pick, as she’d sail through the Senate. She meets the gender bias. Her background is Thai, so she meets the non-white requirement. Though left wing blacks would be royally miffed if one of theirs got passed over, as the only color they see is their own.

But the kicker? Duckworth was a hero Army helicopter pilot in the Iraq war and is also a double amputee resulting from that service. Democrats could just wrap her in the flag and that would be the end of it. Think, a female minority handicapped decorated war hero? There is no way you beat that hand. It’s a full Garkle. Plus, the Illinois Senate seat then opens up and the Dem governor could appoint Michelle Obama to it, thus throwing a bone to the black Left.

So get ready to rumble, as while the world and the economy go to hell Washington decides to spend at least several weeks, if not longer, in an intramural skirmish that will replace one left winger on the Supreme Court with merely another.