Have you had enough yet, Chicago? 


Why do you still live there? You have a Mayor who could care less about your safety as is evident by the weekly number of shootings and deaths that have been documented under her watch. 

Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t lifting a finger to keep the people of Chicago safe from the criminals.

But that’s not enough for the woke democrats.

They don’t even want to incarcerate murderers anymore.

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Because, you know, the poor criminals have been oppressed for years and years and are just misunderstood. They deserve a break.

These lawbreaking violent people have been unfairly arrested and put in prison and that just has to stop. 

And it has. Thanks to a woke judge in Cook County named Timothy Evans.

According to the Daily Mail, almost 100 people charged with murder in Chicago have been set free in addition to 40 people who were charged with attempted murder and 852 people charged with aggravated gun possession.

The idiotic judge who released the accused murderers actually said “A judge cannot hold someone pretrial without finding that the defendant poses a real and present threat to the physical safety of any person.”

Yep, killing someone or attempting to kill someone is apparently not a threat to anyone using Evans’ logic.

Why charge them at all then if you’re really on board with woke criminal “reform”, Mr. Evans?

Why even give them an electronic monitoring bracelet? They’re obviously not a threat according to you.

And it’s not like the new Manhattan District Attorney, George Soros-funded Alvin Bragg, will prosecute anyone for anything anyway. 

Welcome to fundamental transformation.