You’ve probably seen the Fox News story showing the Biden administration sneaking single male illegal aliens around the country with the assistance of the ICE travel agency. 

They get shipped off to NGOs and stuffed into cabs and airplanes so they can be released into the country, in defiance of our federal immigration laws and Title 42.

Fox News showed video of busses dropping off mostly men in Brownsville, Texas in a parking lot and into a building. The government had black tarps set up that said “Border Patrol drop-off.”

They weren’t there long. They got what looked to be a get-away democrat package in Ziplock bags and off they went in taxi cabs and then to the airport to parts unknown. Even those with criminal records.

Who knows what the packages contain. Voting applications? Cash? Airline and hotel vouchers? Rental car discounts?

Some of the illegals told Fox News that they would be flying off to Atlanta, Houston or Miami.

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The Biden administration is allowing our country to be invaded at record levels because they believe it will someday result in their permanent power through the votes of illegal aliens.

Meanwhile, the democrats are making excuses about why our country should be involved in protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and borders.

Democrat Speaker of the House and her democrat mob in the House have a bill called the “Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act” and it guarantees “Ukraine sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.”

Jonathan Finer, White House deputy national security adviser actually said with a straight face that the legislation goes to a fundamental principle of all nations that “our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected.”

You can’t make this stuff up. The democrats are insane.