Looked at your supermarket shelves recently? If they’re in the same shape mine are then you may not be happy. Posted on Facebook that mine are absurdly understocked and pals from across the fruited plains told me their own horror stories of the absence of goods from the shelves of their local groceries.

This is a very bad omen for Joe Biden and the Democrats. In fact, the news that inflation hit 7 percent in December, the biggest rise in forty years, was the worst news the Democrats could have gotten.

That’s because people vote on two main factors. The factors are known in politics as butter and bullets. That is, prosperity and national security. If either is found wanting the party in power takes a beating at the polls. The national security factor is not only war and peace, but also the perception of national strength. However, that tends for many to be an indirect perception that most do not deal with on a daily basis. Prosperity is a very direct and personal matter.

Thus the bare shelves, gas prices, supply chain issues, inflation, low employment numbers, low growth, and attendant maladies are all getting people very angry. That anger will be slaked in voting booths in November. The Democrats will not be pleased with the outcome, turning Biden into an early lame duck. Probably the lamest duck since Jimmy Carter.

For every time a voter looks at a gas price, or can’t get a staple at a supermarket, or is waiting weeks for something they should have had in days, or sees the price of food skyrocket, it is one more nail in the Democrat midterm coffin.

As per national security, the bell tolls there too. Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, the border, the PC military, China, and a host of other challenges have found the Biden administration weak and incompetent.

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Voters, especially those who remember the Reagan era, have a certain expectation of America’s place in the world. No one wants to be the world’s policeman anymore or stick our noses where we are not wanted. Hopefully Afghanistan and Iraq rid us of that neo-Wilsonian pipedream. However, we expect American interests to be guarded and pursued. We want a secure border. We want to be able to defend ourselves and help defend our allies with a military that is an aggressive fighting force, not a collection of social engineering guinea pigs.

This goes more so for the active duty military, veterans, and their families. We know firsthand the cost of keeping our freedom and can readily ken when it is threatened by the weakness, appeasement, and incompetence of an amateurish administration.

Between now and the midterms the situation will get worse. The economy will continue to slide, prices will rise to higher levels, items once available will be scarce. Russia will move on Ukraine and China may invade Taiwan. Voters will see this by November, and act accordingly.