I recently finished Andrew Roberts’ biography on George III, The Last King of America. It’s a great book. In it Roberts relates that even with his loss of America and recurring bouts of bipolar disorder, George was a good man and a good king. The real history, as opposed to common misconception, clearly shows that he was overall a fine constitutional monarch. But the Founders needed a cassus belli and they picked the obvious choice.

However, their bill of particulars against George as set forth in the Declaration of Independence is largely fictitious. So much for the man portrayed in the film The Madness of King George, as most got the “madness” wrong too. It wasn’t porphyria that plagued His Majesty, it was the aforementioned bipolar disorder. Thus, he was sick, but not evil, not a tyrant, and not incompetent. As a whole, he led his nation well. The same generally positive view by history will not be the fate of Joe Biden.

First off, in Joe Biden, we may not be dealing with clinical madness. But we are certainly dealing with mental instability. His recent speech where he compared political opponents to vicious racists like Bull Connor and George Wallace, even though Senator Biden praised Wallace, was so over the top even robot Democrat polemicists like Al Sharpton thought he went too far. Sharpton called it “going to hell speech,” referring to Biden’s preferred place of residence for Republicans.

Speaking of Republicans, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell had this to say about Biden’s rant. “George Wallace?” McConnell rhetorically asked. “If you don’t pass the laws he wants, you’re Bull Connor, and if you oppose giving Democrats untrammeled, one-party control of the country, well you’re Jefferson Davis. “How profoundly, profoundly unpresidential,” McConnell said. “Look, I’ve known, liked and personally respected Joe Biden for many years. I did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday.

“A president shouting that 52 senators and millions of Americans are racist unless he gets whatever he wants is proving exactly why the Framers built the Senate to check his power,” McConnell also said. The Republican leader finished by calling Biden’s speech a “rant” that was “incoherent, incorrect and beneath his office.”

It’s interesting to read that McConnell figuratively didn’t recognize the guy who gave that speech. George III’s family and courtiers, not to mention members of his government, hardly recognized the king during his bouts of madness, especially his last. George was a sovereign who had a mental disease. Joe Biden is a president whose loss of intellectual and emotional control, don’t forget the biting his briefing book at the podium incident, is a potential grave threat to America and perhaps the world. For what happens when his probable incipient dementia takes real hold and he continues to command the military, continues to command our nuclear forces?

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It will likely go on this way for some time, perhaps to January of 2025. Jill Biden and White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain will continue to effectively run the executive branch and trot Biden out for show on occasion. Biden will act increasingly strange. The media will not mention his glaring mental issues and we’re all supposed to ignore it as well.

Maybe two hundred years from now somebody will write a legitimate biography of Biden and the truth will come out as it has for George III. But long before that, right now in fact, Biden’s sort of madness is having its effect and all of us are paying for it.