Yes, the Genocide Olympics are still a go and the Biden administration really has no problem with that.

It’s not a problem that China violates human rights, or that they kill their own people when needed, or that they try to steal our technology or hack our computers…

Or that they started a world-wide pandemic.

As long as Biden has financial ties to them and they are no threat to democrat power, they are all BFFs.

So it was really no surprise when the House democrats handed out taxpayer-funded masks to their REPS last week with the words “MADE IN CHINA” stamped on them.

Because the democrat’s power WAS made in China.

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The pandemic certainly was a (wink-wink) coincidence that it happened right when the democrats could use it to get rid of Trump and unconstitutionally change election laws.

Republican REP of North Carolina, Greg Murphy, said, “We are fighting a virus that came from China, yet the Speaker is comfortable with publicly supporting a Chinese manufacturer, sending or taxpayer dollars overseas and further advertising our dependency on China… on the faces of Congress.”

Yes, it was no surprise that the democrats are supporters and advertisers for China just like NASCAR drivers who have Toyota, FedEx or Monster Energy on the side of their cars.