I was sick of sick co-workers long before the pandemic. If you have a cold or a flu, why are you coming into work to get me sick?

And why do you think it’s fine to come into work if your kid or husband has COVID-19?

I am seriously getting to the point where I am going to walk out the next time a co-worker comes into work sneezing, coughing, looking and sounding like crap.

I DID threaten to leave a few weeks ago, where I am employed as a graphic designer, when a co-worker came into work even though her husband had tested positive for COVID-19.

I could really care less if my co-worker tested negative since I know people who have gotten infected from a spouse more than a week after they tested positive.

My boss, of course, had no problem with her being at work because it was the busy time of year.

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My threat kept her out of the office for a whole two days and then she was back again with a mask. 

I have NEVER had a problem staying home when I’m sick. I don’t really want to be at work most of the time anyway and I certainly don’t want to be there when I feel like crap. And I don’t want to make others sick.

With the pandemic going on, it’s even more ridiculous that people are going into work coughing, sniffling, sneezing and binge eating cough drops.

So I’m spraying Clorox 4-in-One in my work area all the time, especially after I’ve gone away for lunch because who the heck knows who has been on my computer since I left.

And it’s not like the world will end if any of us stay home. It’s a printing and copying business. So what if someone gets their business cards two days late?

I don’t really care what you have – cold, flu or COVID-19… You don’t need to be at work if you are sick. What is really sick is your total disregard for the health of your co-workers.

Needless to say, I’m looking for other career opportunities…