President Disaster hasn’t shut down COVID-19 like he promised to do when he ran for president. He hasn’t even slowed it down. In fact, under his “leadership” the pandemic has gotten much worse with more than one million new cases the other day.

The increase of cases has resulted in the need for more testing but tests are hard to come by. Testing sites are also hard to find but Old Man Biden has the solution.

Biden said to ‘Google’ them. 

His exact words were “Google ‘COVID tests near me’ to find the nearest site where you can get a test most often and free.”

No sh*t, Sherlock. Most of us have been on the internet for a while now and know how it works.

Hmmmm… when Trump got Warp Speed going, did he tell people to ‘Google’ for testing and masks and nearby hospitals? Or ventilators?

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No, he would have been a national joke. And that’s exactly what Biden is.

But more importantly, let me point out that Biden should be investigated for promoting the Google brand. 

Even though people use Google as a noun, it is, in fact a COMPANY.

There are other search engines out there including Duck Duck Go and Yahoo but Biden seems to want to increase the profits of his Google friends so that they can donate back to the democrat party.

Remember when the leftists had a cow when Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, promoted the Trump-supporting Goya company after the democrats tried to cancel the company with a boycott?

The New Yorker was aghast that there was a photo of Trump with Goya products in front of him on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office and Trump tweeted “Goya Foods is doing GREAT. The Radical Left smear machine backfired, people are buying like crazy!” 

The New Yorker wailed about how the Trump family was using the official office of the presidency to promote a private business and they said that shilling beans was a demonstration of power. 

An abuse of power to be exact.

Oh, the humanity!

Noah Bookbinder, Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (what an oxymoron) said “So much corruption in one post, and likely a violation of ethics rules.”

A misuse of position and government resources.

Anyone in the media (besides me) wiling to call Biden out on that???