Democrats always need a cause to fight for in able to retain or recruit voers – whether that cause is real or imagined. 

They have made a success out of fighting for transgender rights at the expense of women everywhere. At any time, you or your child could find yourself sharing a bathroom or a locker room with a male and if you are playing sports, good luck being able to compete against only women.

Now that the democrats’ list of “victims” to rally around is getting smaller and smaller, I had joked with my husband a year or two ago that they only have two categories left to support: pedophilia and bestiality. 

As with most things that sound like a joke, an insanity, a perversion or a danger to most common-sensed Americans, the democrats have decided to run with the joke, the insanity, the perversion and the danger to American citizens.

USA Today recently had a story on their website in their health and wellness section by a writer named Alia E. Dastagir who wrote a piece called “The complicated research behind pedophila” claiming that pedophiles are misunderstood.

She says that “when most of the public thinks of pedophilia, they assume it’s synonymous with child sex abuse…”

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Because it is.

None of the “scientists” or researchers that Dastagir talked to have any credibility whatsoever when they end up calling pedophila an “attraction” instead of an action. 

The “experts” Dastagir talked to in this field of study say that the poor child abusers can’t help themselves – it’s inborn and neurological. They also say that not all people who sexually abuse children are pedophiles.


Science is officially gone. Kaput. Bye-bye. Adios.

Between COVID-19 and this nonsense – and the climate change fraud, science doesn’t exist anymore. The leftists have taken it over for political purposes.

USA Today deleted their tweets about the article after getting backlash from a plethora of people including Donald Trump Jr.

And they had a LOT of tweets to delete because they were promoting the article up the wazoo.

In addition to that story, I also learned about a transgender sex offender who is in jail for child rape and who is being celebrated by the liberal press as a hero. 

The poor guy (born as a man) is apparently having a hard time in prison (which I don’t really care about since he was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl.)  

While he was awaiting trial, the child rapist claimed he was a transgender. He wanted to be put in a women’s prison (of course he did) but was denied because prison staff said he was pulling a con.

This child rapist criminal was featured in an NPR article and in other liberal media where they profiled him, explaining how very hard it is for transgenders to be in prisons with the “wrong” genders that they don’t identify with. 

Normalizing a mental illness (gender dysphoria is a diagnosis listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is very scary – but normalizing sexual child abuse and pedophilia is beyond heinous.

However, it’s obviously not something that’s beyond the democrat party to use as a political strategy