Even more things have been decreed to be racist recently including the song Jingle Bells and the national memorial Mount Rushmore.

But something many people use daily is being overlooked as being racist. That is our money.

Our paper money depicts the photos of white racist presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson and others. 

And if you’re REALLY rolling in dough, you’ll see the racist face of racist William McKinley on the $500 bill.

Coins are not any more racially diverse. You’ll see Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt and other horrible racist past presidents looking back at you.

Monuments of some of these presidents have been torn down because they are sooooo very offensive. But these presidents are apparently not offensive enough for the democrats to stop using money with their faces on them. 

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And most people use this money every day. I see leftists all over the place buying steak, bribing public officials, buying cigarettes and masks. 

Yes, many people have discontinued using paper money and coins and instead use credit cards and apps to buy and pay for things but that’s not because of their concern for racial equity.

It’s because they’re just lazy, looking for convenience.

It’s past time for the democrats to turn in all of their racist money. 

If they need my address for where to send it to, give Steve Gruber a call.