I read a story yesterday about a Marine Corps Commandant who tested positive for COVID-19. 

Naturally, I thought to myself, “well, why didn’t they kick him out of the Corps?”

I mean, if you think about it logically, isn’t the whole reason they’re mandating the COVID-19 vaccine in the military to protect everyone from getting the virus? 

So if this Commandant failed in that mission, he should be G-O-N-E just like the people who won’t get vaccines – because ultimately, he actually got the virus (and probably spread it around) and they haven’t.

Oh, but wait a minute.

Maybe the mandates aren’t actually about the health or the lives of anyone?!

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Maybe the mandates are just about controlling people – and in the military, maybe they’re about weeding out the miscreants who won’t “follow orders” or they are to get rid of those who actually believe in the constitution and their rights and will stand up in opposition to tyrants.

Under democrat rule, the military MUST blindly follow the POS president (oops… I meant POTUS).

No matter what. 

It looks like the leftists are just mandating intent and that is all they are doing – because you can’t stop a virus. You can slow it down (which the democrats are failing miserably at) but you can’t stop it.

So with the admission that Marine Corps Gen. David Berger AND Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have the virus (not to mention Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin a month ago), why aren’t these guys being drummed out of the military?

If intent is what the leftists care about, these three “leaders” obviously did something wrong. 

They got the virus.


They didn’t double mask, stay six feet apart or get the suggested seventh booster shot. They failed at something they were told to do by King Biden, Fauci and the rest of the fascist regime.

These military leaders didn’t go about their business with the correct INTENT to protect those around them and should be gone – just like the un-compliant peons who serve under them.