As you watch the Biden-Harris-Obama administration spin out of control, the leftists who are still apologists for them are talking about how old Joe and unlikeable Kalama need to rebrand themselves.

Apparently, voters (and non-voters) are not at all happy with their incompetence and tyranny as every decision they make has been directly affecting the lives of everyday Americans whether it’s price increases, product shortages or mandates.

So they are trying to rebrand reality but we know who they are and what they stand for.

The democrats love marketing and PR. It’s 90% of what the democrat party is about. They don’t live in the real world. They don’t do anything for the betterment of the population. Everything they do is about winning elections and keeping power which puts them in constant PR mode. 

To add to their problems, President Biden recently had a disastrous 12-hour press conference that really freaked out the left.

NBC had a headline a week ago that read “White House plots public reset as Biden’s agenda flails.”

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CNN posted “Joe Biden enters a second year of his presidency looking for a reset after a tumultuous first 12 months.”

The Washington Post declared “Biden can reset his presidency.”

They admit that if the economy is strong, inflation down and the pandemic gone, their party has a fighting chance.

But we all know that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

So they say a “reboot” or “reset” is in order. 

The democrats tried to “reset” their agenda recently and it failed spectacularly. They pivoted from pushing their failing Build Back Better legislation to pushing their failing voting “reform” legislation.

DIdn’t work. They pissed off their voters and looked even more incompetent than they did before.

The advice of The Washington Post? They say Biden must correct course PROMPTLY to ward off the evil “lawless, authoritarian GOP” from controlling the House and the Senate.

I.e. they have to lie more about what they want to do and also focus on “attainable” agenda items i.e. they might actually have to try bipartisanship and pass what they can pass.

They also say that Biden should concentrate on crime.

Sorry, but that ship has sailed. The democrats are RESPONSIBLE for the crime wave. The horse is out of the barn. That reset AIN’T gonna happen.

Meanwhile, Kalama is still an unlikable mess.

How many times have they tried to rebrand her? 

Well if you use Dr. Google, you will see they tried in March by tasking her with the immigration problem. This was only three months into her vice presidency when they realized that she was not looking good. They also renamed their mob organization the “Biden-Harris administration” in order to elevate her status.

Harris’ office also tried to rebrand her job last month because of her falling polling numbers but it didn’t work because Kamala was her usual self in an interview and blamed her problems on the fact that she is treated differently because she is a female and a minority. That’s always the excuse.

In April, the White House even rebranded her husband to be called “Douglas” instead of “Doug.”

Jumping on board with the whole rebranding narrative, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi got into the game recently because of the failure of the Build Back Better package. She said maybe the democrats need to “rebrand” and scale back their socialist bill – maybe even give it a new name. 

Sure Nance. How about “crap sandwich.”

Rebrand. Reset. Rename. Refresh. 

Maybe Joe and Kamala and their democrat tyrants should actually spend their time DOING something good for the country instead of continuing to market their lies and incompetence.