The leftists pretend they are all about women rights but that is far from the truth. Their actions show otherwise. 

The signs are everywhere and lately they’ve been in the innocuous form of cartoons. 

But how innocuous are they really?

What better way to start to get rid of women and women’s rights than to get a strategy going with “fake” women first to see how it plays out in public opinion?

Surely there won’t be marches in the streets if an M&M cartoon loses her high heels or Minnie Mouse loses her dress and is stuffed into a pantsuit just like Hillary Clinton (sorry about the horrible image I put in your mind). 

The leftists sometimes start small to affect change by putting the frog in boiling water instead of shooting him in the head. 

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The end is still the same though, the frog dies.

In this case, the erasure of women and women’s rights is the goal of the leftists disguised as equity and human rights for others. They think us frogs won’t notice the hot water around us.

The democrat’s War Against Women continues to show up everywhere you look including targeting female cartoons in an effort to un-gender them.

And as you know, democrats are very unkind to actual women in addition to cartoon women.

It was a democrat plan to draft women into the military until the republicans put a stop to it.

It’s the democrats who are using transgender rights to let guys into girls and women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

It’s the democrats who are perfectly fine letting men compete in women’s athletics, steal their scholarships and destroy Title IX protections for women.

The leftists are so very petty, relentless and intolerant, they can’t even let a cartoon M&M wear high heels or Minnie Mouse wear a skirt because they feel threatened by it.

The Guardian insanely reports that removing high heels from an M&M cartoon character is actually a feminist victory and they call it “inclusivity.” 

I call it nuts.

What kind of delusion is that? The democrats don’t even want inclusivity. They are not tolerant of what different women want. They want compliance to their wokeness. The democrats want everyone to be a Borg like on Star Trek (Google it).

The democrats don’t want women wearing high heels of “fluttering” long eyelashes. Oh, the horror!

The insane writer from the Guardian, Arwa Mahdawi, says she speaks for all women on earth when she thanks Mars for changing the footwear of the M&M’s.

Uh… no. Not even close, honey. If you think this is a massive step forward for feminism, you seriously need to find a psychiatrist. Changing the appearance of an M&M or Minnie Mouse does NOT represent any kid of important change other than the fact that the people running these companies have serious issues.

The quest for democrat votes obviously knows no bounds – or sanity for these woke lunatics.

Meanwhile, the feminists are quiet. 

Pretty soon, women will be quieted altogether if the democrats have their way. We’ll all be in pantsuits – whether we want to be or not.

We certainly can’t argue against these nut jobs or they will call us racist, sexist, transphobic or whatever other vile names they can come up with. 

Look up the definition of feminism on the Merriam-Webster website and you will see two definitions.

1. The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

2. Organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests.

Democrats support neither thing.

These definitions are all about equality, not the equity that the leftists constantly yap about. 

Equity is not fairness. It’s about choosing one side at the expense of the other. It’s about retaliation. 

In this case, de-gendering all females, whether real or cartoon, has their equity and inclusion agenda taking away women’s rights and protections.