Dear moron leftists: criminals don’t follow laws. That’s why they are called criminals.

Over the weekend, two New York police officers were shot during a domestic disturbance, killing one of the officers.

As expected, after the shooting, the leftists in New York came out yapping about gun control. Because as you know, it works so well. In fact, violent crime and shootings are the lowest in history right now, correct?

Not even close.

The truth is that crime is on the rise BECAUSE of the democrats and their insane policies. They have no idea how to solve crime and they really don’t want to. They need gun control as a voting issue and to control people – so they’re not going to do anything useful to solve the problem of shootings and violence.

But they can’t anyway.

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Just like a virus is a virus, a criminal is a criminal.

You can’t mandate morality.

But democrats always try.

The new Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, who promised to make New York a safer city, is apparently another gun control pusher, asking for the federal government to “stop the flow of weapons” in the city.

No, gun control is not needed. No, federal involvement is not needed – or constitutional.

The gun was illegal, a Glock 45 stolen from Baltimore years ago. Regulating the lawful use and ownership of guns by the rest of us is not going to stop criminals from being violent. 

There are some of the strictest gun control laws in the country in New York and they obviously aren’t doing a darn thing to stop the gun violence. That’s because it’s the people who are violent, not the guns.

Hey Eric. Try actually policing the city and keeping the criminals in the jails – especially the ones who use guns in the commission of a crime. That’s actually what your voters expected you to do when they voted for you – not to spout the usual claptrap on gun control. 

Because of Eric’s democrat friends and their war on the police, there were 488 homicides in NYC in 2020 and that’s not going to change anytime soon with the current democrat pro-criminal policies in place.