The insane vaccine mandates for people, whether they come from the government or the private businesses, have made the entire country look like idiots. 

Mandating a vaccine that does not stop the spread or infection of COVID-19 is ludicrous. 

Mandating an experimental vaccine (this is the first time mRNA technology has been used in people in a vaccine) is ludicrous.

But what’s even more ludicrous is the lack of exemptions for medical reasons.

Apparently, when the tyrannical leftist rulers and the scared businesses are in charge of things, people no longer have rights. People can no longer do what’s best for their own health.

Sorry, but using my common sense logic, mandating a vaccine for someone who asked for a medical exemption appears to be ATTEMPTED MURDER.

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I looked up the definition of attempted murder on a legal website and it says “deliberately, intentionally or recklessly with extreme disregard for human life, attempting to kill someone.”

Yep. That fits.

Some of the people who are asking for medical exemptions are people who are allergic to the ingredients in the vaccine.

There are also people who have serious medical conditions and on the advice of their doctor, they are refusing the vaccine.

And what about the threat of the adverse reactions to the vaccine which creates a medical dilemma all its own?

The VAERS reporting data shows that through December 17, 2021, there have been 983,758 total adverse events and those are just the ones reported. From those reactions, there have been 20,622 deaths worldwide associated with the vaccines.

This documented information is, of course, being discredited by the fake news media including the Associated Press – because they don’t want bad numbers being released during King Biden’s presidency.

The Associated Press was in democrat propaganda mode recently with their article about the VAERS data. They excuse the report by saying that the posts about the number of adverse events leaves out important context such as the fact that the reports aren’t verified.

They explain how any yahoo can submit a report on any possible reaction they have after the vaccine. They speculate that even the medical workers who submit reports don’t really know if the vaccines caused the adverse response.

Seriously? That’s your argument? When nothing the CDC has been doing from the beginning has actually been factual or verified including the case count, hospital count or death count? NOW is the time you want verification on things?

You would think that during a pandemic, when it’s about life and death, the government, in all shapes and sizes, would use their “powers” for good and not evil. They would actually try to protect us. Or at the very least, they would collect and track actual statistics and give us factual information.

But that hasn’t happened from the beginning. Everything has been political. Everything was about getting elected and seizing power.

And it’s quite obvious that the tyrants don’t care about your medical exemptions to the vaccine. 

There are many private and government workers who have not been able to get medical exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The tyrants don’t care if you have natural immunity and don’t want to take an experimental vaccine that could put your life at risk.

They’ll even fire physicians for not taking vaccines, like in the case of UC Irvine School of Medical physician Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, who was fired after filing a federal lawsuit claiming a natural immunity exemption.

Dr. Joseph Auteri, former chief of cardiac surgery of Doylestown Health, was also fired because he refused the vaccine because he has natural immunity.

Even the Mayo Clinic is getting into the act. Robert Kinney, who has a suppressed immune system, was denied a medical exemption and fired from the clinic. He was told by his doctor to never get a vaccine or do anything to compromise his immune system. But the Mayo Clinic doesn’t care. They know better.

There are also leaders in the Biden Army who have received over 600 medical exemption requests and have only approved five. 

So even now, we’re still not operating on any rational and factual science or medical basis.

It’s all PR and optics so that the democrats can appear to be in control an uncontrollable virus.

And it has, and will, cost lives.