From the beginning of Biden’s presidency, I have said that Biden is the puppet president and that former President Obama, policy advisor Susan Rice and Chief of Staff Ron Klain are running the country – with the help of most of the same Obama staffers from when he was in office.

This was all approved by President Disaster’s wife, Jill, who is perfectly fine with the whole deal even though her husband appears to be cognitively challenged.

Recently, Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, (who you hardly ever see in public) gave a message to some democrat allies and staff in a conference call after Biden’s horrible press conference.

Axios reported that Klain did some clean up in the message, telling democrats that child and elder care funding would definitely be in any revised Build Back Better bill even though Biden hadn’t mentioned it.

Clean up.

That’s what went on in the days after Biden’s press conference by one democrat or another telling us what Biden MEANT to say – and “clarifying” what he said.

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Newsflash: Biden spoke English. We heard him.

Is the president in charge or isn’t he? Should we believe what he says or shouldn’t we?

I think we all know the answers to those questions.

According to quite a lot of democrats who appeared the past week in the fake news media, we can’t really believe what Biden actually says. We have to wait for the fake news media and his staff to translate things for us. They are the final say, not Biden.

When Biden said a small incursion into Ukraine wouldn’t be a big deal, that’s not what he really meant. That’s what his “handlers” told us. And that’s one of many things we weren’t supposed to take as gospel from the mouth of President Disaster.

Now that Biden’s incompetence is a shiny object that can’t be ignored, some democrats are are trying to throw Klain under the bus and blame him for the ineffectiveness of The White House.

But Klain IS The White House.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is one of the democrats who doesn’t seem to like Klain much. He points to Klain as being a problem during the negotiations of Build Back Better bill and being the one who has pushed President Biden to “embrace a more liberal policy agenda.”

More like REQUIRED than pushed.

Biden is a progressive radical because Obama wants him to be. Klain and Rice give Biden the marching orders for compliance and Biden follows.