Democrats have sacrificed a LOT of things in order to get rid of former President Trump. 

Their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) on steroids came about from their false information about the president based on the constant lying from the fake news media. 

This led to a blind hatred of Orange Man Bad and their willingness to get rid of him, no matter the consequences.

Because of these ignorant, evil or unconcerned democrat voters, they have brought our country more crime, more COVID-19, product shortages, labor shortages, massive inflation, open borders and about a zillion other things that are hurtful and detrimental to our country and her future.

But we aren’t the only ones suffering. 

Joe Biden’s incompetence and years of always doing the wrong thing about foreign policy has reared its ugly head.

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North Korea is shooting off missiles, China is going after Taiwan and Russia is looking at taking over Ukraine.

Raise your hand if you think these things would be going on under a Trump presidency.

Hm…no hands raised?

The sad thing is that even if you would have told democrats that all of these things would happen under Biden, I still think they would have voted for him. 

That’s how strong and insane the Trump Derangement Syndrome is.

But the people in Ukraine and Taiwan didn’t get to have a say in our elections (or at least as far as we know they didn’t).

Because of Biden’s weakness, Russia feels emboldened to go after Ukraine, amassing soldiers at their border. And because of Biden’s weakness, China sent 39 warplanes toward Taiwan on Sunday night.

And we all know what a total disaster Biden’s withdrawal of Afghanistan was. 

Biden is a complete failure in all areas of his presidency and foreign policy is no different. He may not believe the polls but they reflect his disastrous presidency quite accurately. 

And now he’s talking about sending thousands of our troops to protect Ukraine – but he won’t do the same for our own country and protect our southern border.

What a complete disaster Biden is.

But he’s not the one to pay the price – the rest of us are, whether we’re in the United States or across the seas.