Now that we have lived through a whole year of the Biden administration (although not everyone has lived through it due to bad COVID-19 policies), we can look back at the abysmal failure that President Disaster has been. 

The only things Biden has been successful at are tyranny, destroying the economy and racism.

Biden, who was fraudulently advertised as a moderate uniter, has been an abject failure although to be fair, it’s really puppet master Obama who is the failure. 

I guess being in charge from the shadows isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. 

By now I think maybe Obama has figured out that the only reason he got away with his socialism and his racism while he was president is because he was half-black and had a certain kind of charisma where he could say one thing and do another. Biden has neither of those things going for him.

In fact, Biden really has nothing going for him. He’s old, he’s got cognitive problems, he’s divisive and he’s an angry person (watch him in mute sometime.)

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The scorecard on Biden’s first year as president includes…

Afghanistan Withdrawl: F

The Economy: F

COVID-19 Mitigation: F

The Border: F

Inflation and High Prices: A+

Labor Shortages: A+

Product Shortages: A+

Driving Sane Moderate Democrats from the Party: A+

Alienating Parents: A+

Going Against the Constitution: A+

Dividing the Country on Race and the Virus: A+

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiaa had it right the other day when he said, “If aliens landed tomorrow and said ‘take me to your leader’ it would be embarrassing.”