I can’t even tell you how many emails I get in a week that have the phrase “circle back” in them. More than I want to see, that’s for sure.

It sounded stupid when Press Secretary Jen Psaki kept saying it all the time and I’m certainly not okay with everyone else picking it up and using it ad nauseam.

Even Jen gave up the phrase for the most part after being ridiculed about it’s overuse.

A recent sales call email to me from a spammer said, “I’m circling back to make sure you got my recent email…”

Yes, I got your last 50 emails and circling back isn’t going to earn you any points with me either.

But I’m not the only one who hates the phrase.

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Lake Superior State University in Michigan recently came out with a list of banished words for 2022.

Coming in at number six was “circle back.”

Lake Superior State University said the phrase “Treats colloquy like an ice skating rink, as if we must circle back to our previous location to return to a prior subject. Let’s circle back about why to banish this jargon.”

They don’t mention Jen Psaki’s name as the culprit in making the phrase irritatingly popular in 2021 but it’s good to know that ‘circle back’ could possibly be banished soon.

At least I hope it will be from my inbox at least.

I’ll circle back and check in a few weeks.