I’m sure you have been raised to think that a four-year college degree is the answer to your future. Not anymore. Not even back when I was of college age.

There are many more options other than putting yourself in financial jeopardy with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. 

You can go to a community college.

You can get a job.

You can learn a trade.

You can do something that provide a service or product that the public actually needs or wants.

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That would be instead of going to a leftist class in college called “Hand to Mouth: Writing, Eating and the Construction of Gender” or “Feminist Economics” or “Queer Theory.” 

These are not classes that will yield you any kind of legitimate job other than being a professional leftist somewhere.

And you get to owe lots of money in the process for the privilege of getting a worthless degree at a worthless leftist university.

According to the Education Data Initiative, the average cost of college in our country is $35,720 per year. That’s nuts.

Obviously, there are some professions that require that you go to college such as teachers, lawyers, accountants, pilots and people in the medical field. 

But there are so many more careers out there that don’t need a college degree for. 

You can educate yourself. You can even take a few college courses to learn certain things that are directly related to your future. 

Or you can get real on-the-job experience.

Going into debt for most of the rest of your life isn’t going to help you in your future – unless you are counting on the fact that the democrats will pay for it and bail you out.

Right now, the world needs truckers (desperately) and skilled trades such as plumbers and contractors.

And the world needs creative entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur is certainly the way to go if you don’t want to play by the rules of others for the rest of your life.

Do something you really want to do. Turn your passion into a career.

Why sit in a leftist college class when you can be in control of your own future and skip all the debt?