I’m sure most of you have heard about The Great Reset and how corrupt leftist governments all over the planet are trying to create a new world order where they have control over every aspect of our lives and enrich themselves in the process. 

The democrats in America are on board because want to destroy capitalism and take away our freedoms.

Biden is also on board with the plan. 

Proof is this can be seen by looking at the people who surround President Disaster. 

The nomination of Saule Omarova to head up the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is one more example of that. 

Omarova has an academic paper she wrote (and won’t disclose) about Karl Marx and also has called for moving our banking industry out of private control and put under the Federal Reserve.

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Even if you don’t believe that The Great Reset is happening, you can at least see the tyrannical way that the leftists have forced their unconstitutional and illegal power over us through state governments, local health departments and bureaucratic governmental agencies during the pandemic.

The leftists couldn’t have amassed the power they currently have without COVID-19 and they’re NOT willing to give up that power anytime soon.

That’s why they’re mandating a vaccine that doesn’t work, trying to force forever boosters on us and democrat governors want to make masks permanent attire like in Oregon.

And now we have the Omicron virus, or the Omnicron virus as Biden calls it.

So far, it hasn’t killed anyone.

So far, it is reported to only produce mild symptoms similar to a cold. Or no symptoms at all.

So you have to ask yourself the obvious question…

Why the panic porn?

Why are the governments (and the media) wailing about the end of the world again?

Because the panic over COVID-19 can’t stop if democrats want to maintain their power base.

Why wouldn’t a sane person who follows the science not want the Omicron variant to TAKE OVER the more deadly Delta variant as the main variant in our country? And everywhere else.

Millions of lives could potentially be saved in the future if a benign variant becomes the dominant COVID-19 variant.

But alas, saving millions of people is NOT the goal of the leftists.

The goal is money and control.

Money and control.

It’s the same goal for EVERYTHING they do.